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Business at Work - BT plc

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Business at Work Task 1: Introduction BT plc is British Telecommunication public limited companies (plc) registered in England Wales, with listings on the London & New York stock exchanges. The Business is well-known providers of telecommunications services and solutions for everybody in the UK. This business exists to supply telecommunications services, products and services, and IT solutions to corporate and residential customers. BT's Group plan is to increase the value for shareholders by increasing their performance rate by satisfying the customer's want or needs and for corporate customers in Europe, achieving global reach through partnership which have the same motive of running the business, BT itself consists mainly of four lines of business: BT Retail, BT Wholesale, and BT Global Services and BT Open world. They focus on considered priorities to make a better world's as a public limited company wants to deliver the uppermost levels of customer satisfaction performance and reduce the number of displeased customers each year which they've established a strategic target to do better than their competitors consistently and reduce the number of dissatisfied customers by 25% each year. BT wants to accomplish untreated gainful revenue growth, while constraining capital expenses enabling the company to be more financially controlled over the incoming / outgoing of cash flow. It also wishes to put broadband at the heart of BT, expand the market for broadband services so in the future the increasing of the usage of Broadband which will allow the BT to add value to the BT trademark. BT wants to find and provide solutions and other value-added services such as growing of BT's brand by using different other pricing strategies of the product or services provided with the BT brand. As a well known business its aim is to place all UK networks under a single running structure and to control investment in charitable donations and data platforms, while transferring operations to new platforms. ...read more.


are combined into one department for each main department which examines the needs and want of the consumer to achieve their objectives by carrying out market researches such as face-to-face interviews a way of market research but also BT advertises on Television and radio ways of advertising their brand to make to consumers that the product exists and like they also do various promoting on their product & service that they provide to be more competitive over the other firms that compete with BT. This helps the company to increase sales so it will enable then to gain market share and as well as a solution to add value to the services and products. BT as a plc is a large well established firm that has a central office which controls main features of the firms "red tape" (paperwork) which is important to the business because problems that have occurred. It can be sorted out by the administrators because they are most with dealing with enquires mostly over the phone such as customer service. This manages of office work through information technology and communication systems so this helps in a way to reduce customer's dissatisfaction at the same time increasing customer's approval. Which this department is important to the other main departments for offering expert advice to the head of departmental with the responsibility for organizing office facilities. BT administration department work in the flowering areas: > Taking responsibility for and to guide of administrative staff to increase their work performance > Advise other departments on various advices such as development etc... > Arranging the make available of stationary > Guarantying good standard quality of administration work done > Present & sustain a communications system within the large company. > Finally to produce reports to present to the board of directors about the effectiveness of BT This department help BT to be more efficient and more control over the service provided to the consumers & as well as satisfying the board of directors which ICT give the business an advantage of effectiveness to accomplish their objectives by maintaining and control cash flow. ...read more.


The quality of products of BT is important to them because it establish a well known reputation over time. Not only quality it about BTs improvement but it includes training and development for staff so that they can approach to BTs quality standards. This improves BTs performance and adds value to their product and hoer service which helps them to achieve their objectives. The use of the 6 Sigma by other business are numerical thinking to improve the business process by developing the capability of reducing problems by having quality driven by customers or issues effecting customers potential on the business process that looks at chain of methods which can cause waste or inefficiency. Six Sigma understands the essential inputs that resolve the quality output. Its equally suitable for marketing and product development additionally as manufacturing and customer service. The Six Sigma can effect on BTs functions by managing there process more efficiency than competitors, the ability to survive and grow in their long term competitive market as a result not only it depends in how BT introducing new and innovative product to the market as well as managing and developing to be provide to their customers. The other advantage is that new ways of thinking about how to meet customers desires by training. Adding more value to their service and product such as treating global markets equally and expanding world wide preventing to be over taken by the competitors however the disadvantage of using Six Sigma method is that by having BT motivated employees undertaking like owners which tend to have a poor organisational structure, BT partnering with customers to have their prospect with the market and its best service and product and changing BT's management style democratic involving power to those individual and teams which are given responsibility to make decisions. In a way it helps to achieve BTs objective by supporting process improvement and producing BTs opportunity for future organic profitable growth. AVCE Business Studies: Unit 1: Business at Work 28/04/2007 By Adil Malik 12 GMS ...read more.

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