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Business c/w

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Business c/w task 1 For my Business Studies coursework I will be focusing on Errol Anderson Motors. Errol is about to start up his own business; a car mechanics in Harrow. He has asked me to help him draw up a marketing strategy. A marketing strategy is a medium to long term plan for achieving their marketing objectives. Errol must consider many factors which would affect his success - he must incorporate his ideas into plans which would help him in the long term or for a short term. E.g. for planning the ways of increasing sales and other various factors. Errol left school after doing his GCSE's and during his work experience he went to a garage with a Mr. turner who then became his future boss with Errol's passion for cars he was happy working with him and got taught all the skills needed to be a great mechanic with this in mind he grew his knowledge of cars even more and love for cars grew even stronger Mr, turner had educated Errol well about cars and how to repair them. Following this Errol went to collage to further his knowledge on cars and left a successful student. With this Mr Turner was getting old and decided to go back to Scotland with his family for retirement. He was willing to sell his tools to Errol for a reasonable price considering him as his best student and friend. With this news Errol decided to run his own company with the skills and techniques he had mastered from Mr Turner he was confident he could do it Errol started to discuss this with has family and decided to go ahead with it. He then realised there was no way he was going to be able to fund this with out getting a loan so he went to his bank manager for a loan he got one how ever his manager advised him that it will be very difficult for him being a ...read more.


Below are a list and the reasons why Errol should or should not use these methods of advertising. Local paper would be a very suitable way for him to advertise as he would get the customers near him and would work out much cheaper and to his budget. It would work out much cheaper for him then if he was to advertise on a national paper the national paper adverts can cost hundreds of pounds that Errol doesn't have to spend. The great advantage would be that he can be read by a lot of people as it is free that means more people will read it. As it gets delivered to people's houses they are more likely to read it and notice his advert. Since it is a free paper it means the people are likely to take it less seriously than if the advert was to be placed in the national paper as most of the local newspapers always have adverts about escorts meaning if his advert was to be placed in the local paper people will be less likely to take it seriously. Another great drawback of this is to be placed in the free newspaper you often the people who get it delivered to their houses normally consider the local paper as a junk mail and end up throwing it away for Mr. Andersons ad to me taken seriously he would need to be put there for a long time which would cost him a lot. Local people look for local services in the local paper and would be helpful if they saw his advert in the paper however they are many other adverts and Errol would have to try and stand out from his competition. The advert above is 100 by 100 is would cost Errol �220 pounds each week to advertise however it is much cheaper for him if it was going to be a regular advert meaning Errol should leave it for a while until his business is doing well enough and has made up the money for it. ...read more.


.The section of well known car mechanics is not necessary because the advert then gives out too much information for the reader to take in and also it is not necessary for Errol to avoid this he has to make his advert quick and snappy so if someone is in a hurry they don't have to read pages of information Errol should include information such as his main services his address phone number etc. Flyers would be ideal for Errol to set our a promotional offer on his new business he can get it designed and printed at a very reasonable price as they are cheap to print however they can be printed in large quantities but depends were they are handed out if they are handed out in a shopping centre or at the side of a random street people wont notice the advert and will just read it and throw it away thinking it waste which would mean Errol's money would go to waste he has to hand it to each house this way he will be sure the potential customer will at least look at the flyer he can also make sure that he doesn't print out too many as he may get too many customer and may not be able to handle the demand meaning he will have to turn customers away which would ruin his business's reputation before it has already started. Word of mouth is a method of advertising that Errol has no control over and what is said about him and his business. Customers can recommend Errol's garage if they think his service and products they got were good and they were satisfied with it meaning they may recommend it and Errol may get more business although he has no control he can make sure that he gets recommended by providing a good service and making sure his products are of highest quality. ?? ?? ?? ?? Bharat Patel 10N Business C/W Errol Anderson ...read more.

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