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Business Objectives of Tesco PLC.

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Business Objectives E2 A Company Mission Statement (CMS) is a qualitative statement of an organisation's aims. It uses language intended to motivate employees and those within the firm and convince customers and suppliers and those outside the firm of its sincerity and commitment. Tesco PLC has a Company Mission Statement, which is also represented as an image. This statement is at the centre of all, which Tesco do. . "Creating value for customers, to earn their lifetime loyalty." Tesco have two values that force the way they do business, which are: No one tries harder for customers: * Understand customers better than anyone * Be energetic, be innovative and be first for customers * Use our strengths to deliver unbeatable value to our customers * Look after our people so they can look after our customers Treat people how we like to be treated: * All retailers, there's one team...The Tesco Team * Trust and respect each other * Strive to do our very best * Give support to each other ...read more.


It tends to be a medium to long term and set in order to coordinate business activity, guides the actions. Tesco have resent objectives which they are working on to achieve such as: * To become a satisfying place to work by giving their staff the opportunity to be themselves, actively encouraging their health and well being and support their work/life balance needs. * Tesco's target is to expand their sale of organic produce to 1 billion pounds over the next five years. * Tesco now have a 5% market share in Non-food business. Their goal is to be as strong in non-food as in food. Tesco have many objectives in the past, which included: * Tesco's target is to expand their sale of organic produce to 1 billion pounds over the next five years. This could be done by supplying more organic products, which therefore will increase the number of customers for organic products, and leading to an increase in sales. ...read more.


* Grown profits by 87%. Tesco have many customers who are satisfied with their products, therefore purchasing more of their products. In this case they are supplying and selling more and therefore making profit. * Grown UK sales by 66%. I know this because the total UK sales for the fourteen weeks ending 15th November were up 14.6% including 4.3% from T&S Stores. Tesco also continue to see some petrol inflation. Non-food goes from strength to strength. There clothing offer continues to grow at more than six times the market rate, with sales up 34% in the quarter. * 3m new customers. Tesco have expanded their business in many countries and there fore have gained many new customers. * Moved from market leader in 1 country to 10. For this I found a quote from Mr. Gordon Fryett, Chief Executive saying; 'Tesco is one of the world's leading retailers operating almost 1,000 stores in 10 countries worldwide including, Ireland, United Kingdom, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan and Malaysia. ...read more.

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