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Business Organisations - set questions and answers.

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Advanced Vocational Certificate of Education Business Organisations TASK 6 Land buying 6.1 Question: A description of each functional area of Laing homes including their main activities and characteristics of each? The main job of land buying department is to buy and develop that land, into an attractive location. Land buying involves buying a land and taking care of it so that it can be sold to the public. This way you're able of making a profit on the land you bought for 2 or 3 thousand pounds cheaper. Land can also be rented out rather than being sold, so that the property/land can still be under the owners name as he/she receives the rent from the person living there. This would make him/her be the land lord. Laing use the idea of renting out their homes 6.2 Question: An explanation of how each functional area helps in the running of Laing Homes and therefore helps it to meet its objectives? One of the most important decisions affecting Laing Homes organisation success is the location of land. Businesses need to decide on the best location within a particular town or area. Whatever the type of business, the aim will be to locate in an area where the benefits and costs is maximised. This way the business is able to do well with the customer left happy. The land bought would not be any type of land; it would have to fit the character of the customer. Some people might like old houses or have theirs specially made to fit the type of person they are, which Laing homes offer to their customers. The biggest problems which Laing homes may face is the healthy and safety of their customers that are interested in buying a house. If they were put in a bad environment it would make Laing home seem like a bad company and this would be shown on their amount of loss each year and that would make their shareholders unhappy. ...read more.


Who do they talk to and how often? * Finance: they keep in contact on a daily basis because they are key partners. * Development: they talk to them just before the property is handed over to the new owners. * Construction: they keep in touch through out the whole process of building the house. * Central service: They keep in contact weekly * Customer: They rarely contact the customers except for telling them the cost of how much the billing will be Which methods: * E-mail * Telephone * Fax * In person Advanced Vocational Certificate of Education Business Organisations TASK 6 Construction department: 6.1 Question: A description of each functional area of Laing homes including their main activities and characteristics of each? Their main objective is to produce new houses at a high standard that will satisfy the customer buying it. This makes the company look good and is probably the main functional area of Laing homes because customers would be attracted to the houses and flats they've seen on the internet and brochures they've collected. The construction department have to build the house as well as fix the inside. The inside of the house would be designed by an external team outside the company which is chosen by the owner. The external team is responsible of the health and safety of the new owners and has to make sure everything is just perfect before they move in. If anything goes wrong it would be done to the employers hired to do that job. The designers of the house as well as the people building the house have to make sure they stick to their budget and not go over it. If not the owners might find it hard putting in a bid for the house because it's too expensive. When the house has been built to a high level it is then passed on to the sales department to sell the house and make a profit. ...read more.


They help advertise the company to the public using different methods in attracting new customers. This way everyone gets to know about Laing homes and it's a very good way of advertising the company. When ever there's trouble in the company, the central service department is contacted to help solve the problem. They help in Laing home departments in many ways; these include giving advice, supplying the company with stationary or equipment etc... They also made a Laing homes website which people outside the company and inside can visit to get any information that their looking for. 6.2 Question: An explanation of how each functional area helps in the running of Laing Homes and therefore helps it to meet its objectives? This part of the company helps with the legal matters. If there was any trouble, this region would have to sort it out themselves and this could cause some problems in the company. The problems that could appear could be that there would be no general advertising for Laing homes, no one to control the health and safety of the business, no one to supply materials for other departments and there would be no one to set up an internet site for the customers to visit when needed for information. This way the company would be losing customers and that would affect them in a big way because their main objective would be survival. 6.3 Question: An explanation of the connection between the different functional areas, looking at how they can work together to meet an objective? The central service buying department talk to all departments in Laing homes. They keep in contact with each department on a daily basis encase they need help to run that department. They use a variety of ways to keep in touch with each department these could be: * ICT methods * E-mail and via the intranet would be the most popular * Probably electronic orders * Telephone * Fax * Letter and couriers ...read more.

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