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business - timescale and costing of campaign

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Costing Of My Promotional Campaign Above The Line Promotion Radio - LBC My campaign on LBC radio will last for 1 month and will consist of a 30 second advert every day; this will amount to a total cost of �6,000 The Radio will consist of the following, as well as having gentle music in the background. "Are you a entrepreneur needing advice to flourish or a business in need for advice? Well sign up to the Wood Green Business Lounge, where we will aid you to be the next Richard Branson. To celebrate our 2nd year in running on 6th January Ken Livingstone will be making a special guest appearance, don't miss out January 6th 1PM to 5PM Wood Green Library, be there" Billboards - Outside Wood Green Library I will place a large billboard directly outside the Wood Green Library, this will be free as the library and business lounge are part of the same event, it should also be effective as its aimed directly at the people in the area and those walking past, who can then straight away pop inside and look around. Newspapers - Wood Green Journal as well as (Muswell Hill, Hornsey and Tottenham Journal) 7 x 1 Display �49.35 40 Words Limit A 7 x 1 advertisement will also be placed on 2 local newspapers (Wood Green Journal, Muswell Hill Journal, Hornsey Journal and Tottenham Journal) ...read more.


limit of �1500 on all of the above will be allowed allocated on the following basis Food - �400 Microphone/Speakers - �100 Projector - Free (already have) Drink - �200 Goodie Pack - �2 each Personalised Gifts - �200 Printing - (not included in budget) Goodie Pack - Everyone who visits the Bonanza day will be able to take home a gift pack so they can remember the day for a long time; every pack will include the following - Personalised Business Lounge Pen - Personalised Business Lounge keying - Personalised Mini Diary - Business Lounge leaflet - Agenda For The Bonanza Day - Registration Form Each pack will cost around �2 Time scale for my campaign May 12th 2006 - > Brainstorm ideas for a celebration day May 25th 2006 - > Decide on location for event > Decide on probable date for the event (15th December) > Decide �10,000 will be our limit for our campaign. June 4th 2006 - > Brainstorm a list of possible guests for the event June 11th 2006 - > Decide On either Ken Livingstone or Ian Wright June 14th 2006 - > Finish letters > Send letters to both Ken and Ian outlining our plans and to find out if they're available June 20th 2006 - > Reply from Ian apologising that he wont be able to make the date as its during the Christmas period and has Tv work lined up, but wishes us the best with the campaign. ...read more.


December 1st 2006 - > Big day as our big promotional campaign now starts, as our advertisements and now broadcasted on radio and posters put up on north London bus routes > Send direct mail via email and post to remind people about the event. December 3rd 2006 - > Agree to be shirt sponsors for local football team (Wood Green + Hendon) > Shirts Sponsor design shipped out to the teams so they can use in their next match. December 10th 2006 - > Confirmation of a rough estimate of how many people will attend due to the amount of replies we have got. December 15th 2006 - > Put decorations up throughout the library and business lounge December 20th 2006 - > Confirmation that Ken Livingstone can attend December 22nd 2006 - > Order personalised office products for the Bonanza goodie bag January 2nd 2006 - > Put together the goodie bags January 4th 2006 - > Arrange the business lounge and library for the event, last minute decorations and posters outside January 5th 2006 - > Receive buffet food > Hand out leaflets to passer-by's outside the library/business lounge January 6th 2006 - > Place out food and goodie bags for members to have > Do any last minute jobs > Welcome all guests ...read more.

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