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Comparison of two types of printers.

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Comparison of Two Types Of Printers The two printers that I am going to compare are a Dot matrix printer and a Laser Printer. These two printers may be used in a business. This is why I have chosen these particular printers. However, an Ink Jet printer may also be used in a business. Dot Matrix Printer A Dot Matrix printer has a print head which moves across the paper. There is a set of pins in the print head which shoot out and strike the ink ribbon against the paper as the printhead moves along. A Dot Matrix printer produces characters that are made up of dots using a wire-pin print head. These printers produce low to medium quality black and white printing. You cannot print in colour. The number of pins that there are in the print head often categorises Dot Matrix printers e.g. normally 9, 18 or 24. The strengths of a Dot Matrix printer are: 1. The running costs are low. 2. They can operate in harsh conditions and they are strong. ...read more.


They print in black and white, but some can also print in colour 4. The printing speed is fast The weaknesses of a Laser Printer are: 1. They cost a lot of money 2. You cannot produce multiple copies at the same time. There are many differences between a Dot Matrix Printer and a Laser Printer. A Dot Matrix printer is an impact printer but a Laser printer is a non-impact printer. This means that a Dot Matrix printer has a printhead with a set of pins which shoot out and strike the paper, but a Laser printer does not strike the paper while it is printing. Instead, it makes a copy of the image by drawing the image onto a photosensitive drum and then prints the image out. A Dot Matrix printer only prints in black and white, but a lot of Laser printers print in black and white and in colour. Dot Matrix printers make a lot of noise but Laser printers are relatively quiet. The fact that Dot Matrix printers are noisy may not be good for the employees working in the business because they may not be able to concentrate if there is a lot of background noise. ...read more.


[if you have a partnership] would see it. Another important aspect of buying a Dot Matrix printer rather than a Laser printer is that it costs much less money. It is very good if you do not have much money to spend because it does all the same jobs as a Laser printer but it just doesn't have all the extra luxuries that a Laser printer has. However, if later on my business was doing very well and I had enough money to buy a Laser printer, I would probably buy one because if you would need to print things in colour (in the case of my business - menus, posters and business cards), you would need a printer which can print things in colour to make everything stand out and look more professional than plain black and white printing. They also have high quality printing so if you were printing something which you were going to show other people e.g. a poster, the customers and other people would be tempted to come into your business to see if the business and service is as good as the printing! Laser printers also print quite quickly so this would save a lot of time. Overall, I would recommend a Dot Matrix printer. ...read more.

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