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Creating a Database

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The SOFTWARE TO BE USED The new system that I will design will be in the form of a database. A database is a collection of tables that contain data on a similar subject. The database will help manage all customer, order and stock data, and the database will store all the necessary information needed. A database can be created using a database management system, this is a suite of computer programs that allow people to create, add/delete/change/change data, search for data, print subsets of the data and also controls access to the data. The database will contain information such as: * Order Information * Customer Details * Stock Information * Delivery Information The database management system that I will be using is Microsoft Access. Microsoft access is a powerful database engine that is Designed to combine with a variety of sources and viewers (including Web browsers), Access users can convert forms and reports into Web pages, and edit these Data Access Pages from within their browsers. Access allows you to create different types of project databases such as tables, reports, quires, forms, etc. Here are some of the good features of using Microsoft Access * Simple input masks and data validation * Select and parameter queries * Data entry using fully customised forms * List boxes or combo boxes to facilitate data entry * Output fully tailored to user requirements * Macros to automate commonly used features * A switchboard * Subforms to display information in related tables ...read more.


The users should have limited access to the stock information as well, e.g. the two workers, Jean & Martin should not be able to change stock information such as the price. The owner, Paul, should be the only one that should have access to change some of the information such as price. The other 2 types of data that will be needed on the system are order and delivery information: * Create order Descriptions - Order Details; * Order Number * Order Description * Other necessary information e.g. Size, Colour, etc. * Create Delivery information - Delivery information; * Delivery Date * Delivery Address * Delivery Time The HARDWARE TO BE USED As the company I have chosen doesn't have an existing computer based systems, the will not be any constraints on hardware because, a new computer system will have to be bought and Microsoft access will have to be compatible with the new computer system. In order for Microsoft Access to work on the new system, the new system must meet the minimum requirements for Microsoft Access to function properly. With the new computer system, either Windows 2000 professional or Windows XP will be installed, and the minimum requirements for this are; WINDOWS 2000 Professional * 133 MHz or above Pentium/AMD processor * 64mb of RAM, more RAM improves performance * 2GB install with 650mb of free space * CD-ROM or DVD Drives is needed as well as a Keyboard/Mouse * VGA or higher resolution monitor WINDOWS XP PROFESSIONAL ...read more.


I have also looked at inkjet printers that could be purchased as well, here is one of the items looked at: With the new system, there will only have to be one computer and all there will be three users, and one user will be the admin, and will have access to change all information such as prices and stock. PERIPHERALS As the company only deals with furniture it doesn't really need extra peripherals such as barcode readers and touch screen systems, although it would be an advantage to have a touch screen system as it can make things more efficient, but having a touch screen system can be expensive, ranging from prices of around �400. Touch screens are also suitable for clicking buttons, but a lot of information will be typed out, so it is probably easier not to have a touch screen. BACKUP The minimum device that will be used for backup will be a floppy drive, and this will store information on a floppy disk, if ever the is a problem with the system and work needs to be saved. The floppy disk can only store 1.44mb of data, so in case data doesn't fit on the floppy disk, it would be convenient to also have a CD rewriter drive, where this will store information on a compact disk, and this can store information up to 700mb, so this can store large amounts of data. AS ICT Project ...read more.

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