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Crossing borders. What competencies are appropriate to ensure greater effectiveness of U.S. employees operating in a maquiladora or other non-U.S. organization?

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Case 3 - Crossing Borders 1. What competencies are appropriate to ensure greater effectiveness of U.S. employees operating in a maquiladora or other non-U.S. organization? The competencies appropriate to ensure greater effectiveness of U.S. employees operating in maquiladora, or other non-U.S. organizations, are as follows: � The ability to understand the need for an environmental scan, and interpret what the environmental scan highlights, before reaching their work destination. This can help to better prepare employees entering a new culture, revealing to them what they might have to expect. This can also be said for conducting and interpreting demographic research. � Employees should arm themselves with cultural intelligence, (they must undergo training and orientation of the foreign culture). This will give them a better understanding of the local population and in turn assist in allowing effective communication with them. � Employees must possess a global mind-set, (the ability to develop and interpret criteria for business performance that are not dependent on the assumptions of a single country, culture or context and to implement those criteria appropriately in different countries, cultures and contexts). ...read more.


2. What are some of the costs of not understanding diversity? What could the organization have gained by approaching the plant with greater cultural understanding? Some of the costs of not understanding diversity are as follows: � Poor of communication between expatriates and the local workforce. This can cause misunderstandings, effecting job performance, a lack of respect from the workforce, the expatriates inability to motivate the workforce, etc. in turn, the workforce would demonstrate poor performance and productivity, effecting profits and possibly even costing the organization financially in the long run. � The local workforce and population may become resentful towards the organization. This may cause friction between the workforce and the organization. In turn, this may also make the expatriates job harder and their morale lower, effecting negatively their motivation and performance and in turn the overall performance and profits of the organization. By approaching the plant with greater cultural understanding, the organization might have gained the following: � Minimal initial cultural shock of the expatriate. ...read more.


They were unwilling to adapt to the local culture, and demonstrated reluctance towards global organizational learning. � Despite her Hispanic upbringing in the United States, there were many aspects of cultural differences between Angelica, and the Mexican employees that the Anglo managers were unaware of. � She met resentment from the Mexican nationals, and found herself discriminated against due to the fact that she is a woman. � It appears that she felt displaced, since she considered herself American, yet certain people saw it otherwise due to her heritage. 4. Angelica worked in a plant outside the United States. What do her experiences and perspectives tell us that applies to domestic operations? Angelicas experiences and perspectives tell us the following about domestic operations: � Most domestic workers have a better standard of living, ("A lot of those people came from ranchitos, [from] out in the sticks, where there were no restrooms or showers. There weren't infrastructures in Tijuana at all."). � There are more women in managerial positions, domestically. � Women are less discriminated against domestically. ...read more.

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