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Customer Service at Richer Sounds.

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Customer Service at Richer Sounds Why Richer Sounds consider their customer Service to be so important Richer Sounds believe that the most important measure of the success would be to give all their customers a great service and satisfaction. This is even important than making the profit margins high and gaining a lot of profit this is because Any organisation can increase their profits by increasing prices of goods, buying cheaper and low quality goods, cutting down on employees and many more but doing this Richer Sounds believe that there wont be good customer service due to less employees, customers wont purchase any expensive products which is not of good quality and through this they will keep losing customers The company believes once a customer purchases a product and thinks it was at low price and also sees it is off good quality with an excellent customer service given to him the he/she will always tend to come back to purchase more goods, in-fact the customer may also tell some of its friends and families about the prices that Richer Sounds have and like this the company will benefit in getting new and new customers all the time. How Richer Sounds strive to achieve superb customer service They think the following are important: - Management commitment - this means every director and every manager states the customer service as most essential in the business. ...read more.


This is because there are times when people wont to pay later for the item they need because you get a time period to pay the amount and there are times when customers may have forgot their money at home but want to purchase the item so they can use the credit card. Due to this reason no one may leave the store without anything just because they forgot their money. - How to cope with technical questions - Health and safety - each colleague should know how to take actions in emergency to do this they may need this training - How to deal customers who have disabilities - All colleagues should have respect for customers who have disabilities and should help them in all ways for which product they are looking for. All colleagues should be truthful in what they sell and how much they take because if there is a blind person needing a tape player the colleagues shouldn't charge more money to what it should be. How Richer Sounds Identify Customer needs and Expectation There are three main ways how richer sounds identify customer needs and expectation, which are: - The till receipt questionnaires - these are most important questionnaires because everyone who purchases a product will receive and if they taught they did get treated well at the store then he/she may fill the questionnaires. ...read more.


Every week Richer Sounds collects all the complaints from the stores and call centres and then divides into two categories: a) Avoidable Complaints b) Unavailable complaints Available complaints are complaints that could be avoided by the business such as avoiding colleagues talking rudely to customers Unavoidable complaints ate types of complaints that are unavoidable because the company cannot do anything about it such as one person stated the car park was fool, or the stores are small How Richer sounds deals with problems and returns: Richer Sounds gives 100% guarantee scheme. Product can be returned or exchanges within the period on 14 days and the product should be kept in the original conditioned. They obviously give refunds to fault goods or an exchange Products that develops fault at any later stage, will then be dealt with the companies Repairs and Servicing department. Richer Sounds After - Sales service Customers can either ring the call centre or email the customer services department for any queries or if they need support. After sales service is provided by the service and repairs department. - Richer Sounds accept all serviceable products for repairs - Most product have manufacturer guarantee of 1 year - The average time for the company to repair any faults will be 5 working days - After the repair has been don't the customer would get 3 months engineer warranty in-case if the product had any extra faults caused while repairing ...read more.

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