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Database: Feasibility Report.

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Author: Anomalous Database: Feasibility Report Purpose of the system The purpose of the system is to replace and establish a system for my client that can be automated as far as possible, where information can flow easily and saves time and space for the client. This will replace or upgrade any old system the client may be using with a much more fast and efficient system. The Project The reason to behind this project is to build a database for my client that can be easily assessed and configured as far as possible. Where information can be saved and backed up. To make sure the information will be or be more easily accessible, easy to follow, much easier to use and analyse and most of all a database that can save time efficiently. Background of Clients System The client is a technician, who owns his own company sharing it with another person. There are only two people working within the company, which is him and his partner. The company deals with technical work on computers and networks, involving things such as upgrading and replacing systems. The current system of my client is a normal appointment book, sketching out the appointment times of its customers. The clients have their own computer, which is used to store records and files about the customers. Both clients have explained they have limited knowledge on databases, and they only know the technical side of computers. The clients have explained that they would like the current database specifications updated or changed. ...read more.


the database for the client: > Design a database that saves time and space > Reduce workload efficiency > To be able to secure files/records > Make access to files/records much easier and quicker > Files that are used by one source and accessed at the same time > A database that can restrict non-personal from looking at files (e.g. Password) > Efficiency of Information flow much quicker > An organised database Deficiencies of current system Main features The main feature of the current system is the information about the customer, their name, address, telephone number etc. What I will need to do is to set up a database where all the information about each section, is separate from each other making it easier for the client to follow and understand. Major tasks The major tasks that I will undertake is to develop a new database from scratch. I will first collect all the relevant information from the client to put in the database. Then I will have to do the designing phase, where I will decide what goes where and what needs to be added, how am I going to set out the information and details so the client can easily follow it and understand it. What kind of the security the client will have to use, e.g. password, protection etc. What backup, will I recommend to the client etc. Hardware and Software used by clients I have asked the clients, what current computer they have and are using. ...read more.


Advantages involved * Flow of information is much more quick and efficient * Data is kept secure * Data can be accessed at anytime * Data can be backed up * Data can be manipulated * Data base can be easily configured and changes if wanted * Chance of increasing business, e.g. more people employed * Better customer service * Saves time and space * Increases flow of money Disadvantages involved * Clients may not actually use the new system and waste the time and money spent on it * Computer may get damaged stopping and destroying the system from operating, losing any information, which is not saved or backed up * Virus/bug may destroy information * Cost of setting up the system * The time it may take for me the developer of the database to create it * The clients will have to train themselves and any other staff to use the new system * The clients and other staff will have to get use to the new system Cost benefit analysis Action Cost Designing database �400 Making database �400 Training to use or teach the database �75 Teaching other staff to use the database �50 Money loss during the set-up of the database �500 Total cost: � 1425 The total cost will be expensive but in the end the database will be beneficial, below are the reasons: * Information flows much quicker, saving time. * Information can be secured, stored safely without hardly using any space, making it easier o find. * Information much easier to be analysed. * Automatic calculations, saving time. * Information flow is much more accurate and efficient, making chance of business expanding further. ...read more.

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