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Describe the activities of five different organisations, and look at three different sectors within those organisations.

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TASK 1: Overview (P2) Introduction This assignment aims to look at three different sectors such as primary, secondary and tertiary. I will also describe the activities of five different organisations in the three sectors. I will begin with a simple definition for each of these sectors and will then introduce five companies to demonstrate the differences. My line manager suggests that it is important to be able to show how any one business relates to the broader context. The main classification of businesses is into the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors: I should choose five different organisations covering these sectors and for each one: a) Describe its main activities (what does it make, do, sell or provide?). b) Explain which sector it is in and why. Primary, secondary and tertiary are sectors in the businesses. A definition of each sector is given below:- Primary sector:- This sector is the first stage which involves businesses that are involved in producing raw materials, businesses such as farming, quarrying and mining. ...read more.


It has 5 active surfaces mine sites and a large land bank of prospective sites. They provide energy for electricity generation. NESTLE:- Nestle is in the secondary sector because they manufacture foods. They have factories in Hayes, and other factories in Swiss, France. Nestle manufactures coffee, chocolate, pet food, drinks, cereals. Some examples of their product are:- NESCAFE, SMARTIES, KITKAT, NESQUIK, VETTEL. Toyota:- Toyota is in the secondary sector because they manufacture cars. They have a large market share in the United States and Europe. It has significant market shares in several fast-growing south-east Asian countries. The company produces a large range of vehicles which are generally highly regarded for their quality, engineering, and value; their designs set global standards for safety, reliability and ease of maintenance. They also produce other cars, including the Camry, Corolla, and the Sequoia. Amazon:- This is in the tertiary sector because it provides a service. ...read more.


But in primary very few are employed and secondary even fewer are employed this is so because products are manufactured from outside the UK. Employment in the primary sector is falling partly due to automation. By the word automation I mean production is done completely by machine. Employment in the secondary sector is falling. Primary Secondary Tertiary 1993 4.1% 28.9% 67.0% 1998 4.0% 28.7% 67.3% 2000 3.5% 26.5% 70.0% 2003 3.1% 22.5% 74.4% Source: BTEC First business book. This chart shows the output rate; we can see that the output is falling in the primary sector but falling less than employment. In secondary sector the output is also falling but in tertiary the output is increasing each year because of its activities. Overall the tertiary sector increases because this sector includes:- Wholesales and retailers, consumers buy everyday products and people are in need of wholesales and retailers. Hotel and restaurants, type of entertainment people go out to enjoy them selves. Transport, storage and communication firms Financial services Real estates and business activity Employment and output is increasing every year. ...read more.

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