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Describe the development of relationship marketing and how it can be applied to a selected business

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P2: Describe the development of relationship marketing and how it can be applied to a selected business The selected business I have chosen for this assignment is McDonalds. I will be concentrating on how McDonalds develop their relationship marketing with its customers and how the organisation influences people that are involved with such decisions. A stakeholder is defined as any individual or group who have an interest in the business and actually influence the organisation itself and how it operates during its existence. A stakeholder can be anyone who is internal or external of the organisation and influence the business in different ways than others. Stakeholders of McDonalds Customers: The customers are an integral factor in the running McDonalds, or any other organisation, as they are the ones that are going to invest into the organisation itself. The customers are the ones that will be buying McDonald products so therefore they are the reason behind whether McDonalds make a profit or a loss. However, in order to make any sort of profit, McDonalds have to keep their customers happy. The more customers that McDonalds receive, the more money customers are likely to spend on this organisation therefore; this will lead to more profit. If McDonald's customers are unhappy about the organisation, they are unlikely to come back and spend so they will look at other competitors such as Burger King or KFC. ...read more.


Product: the product itself is an ice-cream that is toppled with different chocolate flavours that are sprinkled on top. Place: As there are many McDonalds in the UK, there is at least 1 or more located on High Streets or town centres. This is because it is accessible to many people and that the chances of gaining more profit will be higher if the store is around a high number of people. It would be no good for business if there was a McDonalds in the middle of an area where there were less people. For example, you would not find a McDonalds that is located in the countryside as it would be ideal to run a business at that location. Promotion: McDonalds promote their McFlurry products on a very day to day basis. As McDonalds are a multi national organisation, they can easily afford to advertise through television media such as T.V adverts on an all-day basis, through many well known website such as Google and MSN and on buses. McDonalds use promotion as a way to get the product across to many consumers, mainly being the younger generation so therefore, their products are on bus tickets and on billboards. Physical evidence: the product itself is given in a plastic cup which is very stylish and unique in its own way. ...read more.


As McDonalds take a great pride in their customer service department as they would want to be kept informed what their customers feel about their products and services that they offer. Source: http://www.marketingteacher.com/Lessons/lesson_three_levels_of_a_product.htm Total Product Concept The core product addresses the basic form of the product on a whole. So if you were purchasing a car, the car it self fill be the core product. However, there are many ways in which the user wants to buy the car, mainly being to travel from A to B. However, a bicycle and a train could also do this, this it is stated as the core product But the total product is everything that the customer receives - including the service and intangible links such as servicing and regular checks when associated to the brand. In relation to McDonalds, they offer their customers with high quality food products in which they believe that other competitors cannot match. Competitors such as Burger King and KFC are very competitive organisation so McDonalds have to ensure that their customers stay loyal to them rather than other organisations. They do this by keeping their customers happy by giving them their products on a quick time basis, usually under 5 minutes so that customers can enjoy their meals while it is relatively hot. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 Rizwan Zaid BMC20074434 Jenny Mcleod Unit 11 ...read more.

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