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Design Brief of solution to orders at a fitness club.

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Task 3: Specification By: Sudhanshu Mohanty Design Brief In the design stage there will be a use of different methods to present the problems and how these problems can be solved, there must be a variety of problems plus a variety of different solutions, and then there will be a selection of one solution best to solve the specified problem. There will also a majority of tables showing each problem and how it has effect the company, and this table will also include the solution, the specification will identify why each solution can be used giving various reasons, and how it will benefit the business or make it better than it was before Information Technology was introduced. Implementation is the next crucial step when designing the new system for the business some examples that need to be installed are: writing programs, purchasing hardware + software, writing user documentation, testing the system using the test plan, installing networks, training staff Another method of presenting the specification is by testing it and evaluating the solution, this would show an understanding if the solution will be fail free and/or cause more problems than before information technology is introduced to the business. Evaluating the system is important for the system because this would give knowledge of if the system is working properly and easy to use to the business, this can only be done after the system has been tested, plus the evaluation process sees if the system as met the requirements set by the client. The evaluation process also shows if the system can be developed or improved further and if it needs any modifying. It is actually just another form of re-analyzing meaning starting the same process all over again. Membership system * The customers can only obtain a membership form from the club and is handwritten, therefore unclear * Detect invalid data for membership forms * Record of membership information * Printing invoices Finances * Calculation of record of sales * Record of Finances ...read more.


Plus it can be delayed for some reason so the order will not effectively reach the supplier and the supplies will not reach the Business in time. Email There are a large number of advantages when using email to send information across. These are that the information will reach the supplier plus exact information can be sent because all is typed up. Plus it saves money for the company because it is cheap whilst other direct mail is costly. One of the biggest disadvantages of email is the capability for misunderstanding. Email has some other disadvantages as well. It can be used to talk to more than one person at a time, but the means for doing so can be a bit cumbersome. At its core, email is a one - to - one communication medium. Email requires active participation. The supplier has to check their email to get messages. If the supplier doesn't check their email, they will never know that somebody has contacted them. Instant messaging/Chat There are different advantages of chat, these are as follows: Interactive dialog may be established between multiple users. Conversation may be saved for review at later time. The cost is relatively low. Some disadvantages of chat or instant messaging are that: chat offers no record of the transaction. Chat requires that both parties be using Internet connected computers at the same time. If all interested parties are not using the same protocol, they may not be able to connect. Final Solution: The best possible way to communicate with supplier is by EMAIL because it is fast and not expense plus the user that has received the message doesn't have to be connected to the internet to receive it Problem: Newsletter to members Solution Advantages Disadvantages Email One of the main advantages of email newsletters is that they will reach the target audience/end user for a fraction of the cost of their traditional equivalents. ...read more.


Problem: Accessibility of data in the company Solution Advantages Disadvantages LAN connection on computers This is a very good way of making access around the company of the data around the company because they would let the whole company be able to access the data even at the same time, also they can modify it and it would not affect the files in anyway. So far there are no important set back to using LAN connection to access the data of the company. Manually This has advantages because the staff would just have to ask the manager of the files to record/add or modify the files manually without having to log onto a computer which would take more time. There are some disadvantages of this because the staff might not be able to obtain the file; they would have to have their passes to get in contact with the files. CD-ROM The advantages of using CD rom to access data of the system are as follows, this would it is cheap; to use also it can store different amounts of data because it has a large capacity. Also it is quite fast; therefore if anyone wants to access the data of the company (stored inside the CD-ROM) they can access it efficiently and fast without any "lag". Plus CD-ROM have control of all the content that means the data can be controlled from the CD without having to access the computer files, just opening up the CD-ROM Some disadvantages of CD-Rom are that the maintenance cost of the hardware and software are expensive. It is slow at upgrading, so it would be a time factor. And it has quite a limited access of the data. Final Solution: After looking through the different types of solutions to the problem of accessibility of data in the company. It has come to a good understanding that LAN connection should be used for access because then every staff can access the data and modify the part; they need to relate to their jobs. By: Sudhanshu Mohanty 11 TANG 12 ...read more.

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