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discuss the information that individual-professionals and organisations would both need to acquire while preparing to practice in a different country. Indicate how such individuals/organisations can access this information speedily and efficiently?"

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Information & Communication Studies Coursework Task 2 of 2 Task: "Working alone, discuss the information that individual-professionals and organisations would both need to acquire while preparing to practice in a different country. Indicate how such individuals/organisations can access this information speedily and efficiently?" Title Page No. 1. INTRODUCTION: 2 2. INFORMATION REQUIRED: 2 3. ACCESSIBILITY OF INFORMATION. 4 4. EXAMPLES: 5 5. REFERENCES 6 1. Introduction: In the context of this report I will list the information needed by organisations prior to developing a practice abroad, discuss the listed information and give examples. In the second part if the report I will identify where companies can access this information speedily and efficiently. In the final part of the report I will give examples of successful and unsuccessful companies and the problems faced and problems overcome. 2. Information required: Conan Doyle once said 'It's a capital mistake to theorise before one has data'. Knowledge management is the process or practice of acquiring, storing, sharing and utilising knowledge that facilitates an organisation to perform successfully. Benefits of knowledge management include avoiding re-inventing the wheel, preserving organisational knowledge; increased productivity and improved efficiency, better and more efficient access to information and expertise. The following information that will need to be sort prior to starting a practice in a different country is but not limited to: * Historical events from both losers and survivors (discussed in Part 4) ...read more.


In fact it is assumed that to resort to a legal contract was a sign of bad faith. However with the influx of foreign investment there is an acceptance of legal contracts but however this culture should be understood. Similarly in India, a foreign professional should be aware of the caste and class groups and the Hierarchy and inequality that are produced in this tradition. Finally and probably the most fundamental with regards to business is the varying management and cultural systems between regions. For example Chinese SOEs maintain the traditional respect among Chinese people for 'loyalty' to the leader this is also strongly directed the immediate working group and its leadership. This mind set causes a fondness towards fairness and impartiality and a general reluctance among many to accept responsibility and a system that rewards performance. Thus a large power 'distance' tends to be maintained between top managers and other members with very little delegation of authority. This is in stark contrast to the US system where predominately decision making frequently is delegated. Different regions have different approaches to completing tasks; Asian and Hispanic cultures tend to attach more value to developing relationships at the beginning of a shared project whereas European Americans tend to focus immediately on the task and let relationships develop as they work. 3. Accessibility of Information. The problem in the world in which we exist in is not a lack of information but an excess. ...read more.


It was by doing this and benchmarking against the Japanese competitors that rank Xerox was able to regain market share and better its production process. Matsusjhita evolved in just two decades from a medium-size manufacturer of electrical products for the Japanese domestic market to a �20 billion global electric company. Matsusjhita expanded overseas through an export-based strategy and has retained strong centralized product development, manufacturing operations, and market strategy. In essence the global operating environment and the world wide consumer demand are the dominant units of analysis not the nation-state or the local market. For General Electric after decades of investment and effort GE conceded defeat to the Japanese challenge and withdrew from the business. GEs philosophy was of internationalization and to build mini GEs in each country that could draw on the vast technology and managerial resources of the parent company to internationalize successful American technologies and products. As with Matsusjhita, the competitors possessed better manufacturing methods and where able to export cheaper and more reliable goods. McDonalds, Kellogg's and coca cola have integrated there operations successfully on a global scale, based on consumer tastes and preferences. The influence has spread which once differed widely from one national market to the next. Consumer's food tastes and eating habits which were once thought to be the most culture bound of all consumer behaviours. So companies like McDonalds have been successfully in standardising a product and changed culture preferences to fast food and have shown that in eastern and western countries alike, that even these culturally linked preferences can be changed. 5. ...read more.

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