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Electronic Communication Methods used at Manchester Airport

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Level 1,2 and 3 The Use of ICT Electrical Technology and Communication The rapid rise in the development and use of electronic technology in recent years has affected communication system to a marked degree. At Manchester airport electronic communication systems are being increasingly used and the Airport has introduced computer system and electronic equipment to improve both internal and external communication. Electronic Communication Methods used at Manchester Airport Computer Reservation System Contain information on customer details, availability of tickets, flights and accommodation. Computer Network Staff can access other computers or one central computer within the same network. It is possible for information to be centrally stored, such as advanced booking figures, so that other users can access this information. Also computer systems are also used to analyse customer comments, allocate check-in desks, and to provide a range of management information and statistics. Airport Management and Operations Support System (AMOSS) AMOSS is the only airport-wide IT system, which has been specifically developed for Manchester Airport. It is used to record details of all flight movements at the Airport. Flight Information Display System (FIDS) FIDS assembles information from AMOSS for distribution to the many staff and public display screens in and around the Airport. In the terminals this information is displayed on the monitors showing departures and arrivals times. ...read more.


X-rays X-rays are used to screen both hand and luggage and luggage to be stored in the hold of aircraft, to detect prohibited items. Archway Metal Detectors Passengers and employees walk through archway metal detectors (AMDs) when moving from landside to airside. They are calibrated at a level set by the department for Transport to detect metal. This helps to detect guns and any remote control bomb to avoid crashes and arrest criminals SMS Flight Information Service This service allows mobile phone users to receive real-time updates about their chosen flight directly to their phone by SMS text message. The service makes it easier for the customer to know more information about his flight. The Impact of Electronic technology Electronic technology has a considerable effect on Manchester Airport as an organisation and also in individuals within the organisation. These include: 1 Increase the speed of communications. The Airport uses the Flight Information Displays Screens to keep passengers up to date with flight information and the computer reservation system enable staff to give clients immediate confirmation of flight and hotel bookings. 2 Improved accuracy. The implementation of an innovative technology package now enables the Airport to trace baggage all around the world and the Airport's computer network enables accurate booking details to be sent to customers. ...read more.


Security screening Manchester airport has a state of the art system for the screening of bags for explosives devices; it is designed to ensure the maximum security within the shortest time. In level 1, all bags pass through a screening devise which automatically takes an x-ray of the bag and its continents, the process takes 4 seconds. At this stage 65% of bags are cleared. At level 2, bags follow a straight path to the next screening device which works similarly to the devise in the hospital, bags go backwards and forwards, so that the devise can take enough pictures of the bag and ensure that its safe. At this stage 25% of the remaining bags need a further inspection which will need the innovations of a human who will search the bag and make sure that it's safe. Operators are trained to look for certain signs of explosives, e.g. "heavy items". If the operator is unsure about the contents of the bag, a level 4 security occurs. Here the bag is removed and reunited with the passenger. A baggage is searched by an aviation security officer in the passenger presence. If the passenger doesn't come forward, then a level 5 internal explosives devise (LED) in bag procedure is put into effect and the bomb disposal team will be called ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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