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Electronic methods of communication

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Electronic methods of communication Method recipient suitability Email- using pc through a server Wide audience informal short. Passing on information to each other in the business Sending across time zones and attaching files Chat rooms- where people go onto the internet and talk using their computers Wide amount of people use this as large population have computers Many people use this to communication Mobile phone-a small communication device which you speak into. Wide range of people have phones informal and formal Many ages of people use phones as part of their lives and jobs Video conference-a wireless connection using either phone waves or satellite. ...read more.


a way of communication with words on a small communication device This can be goods as many people have phones informal and formal People who can't hear can use this instead of calling Web 2.0 (Facebook) Wide audience as it is on the internet informal Large amounts of people use this Instant messaging For people who have instant messenger Talking over large distances to people for free. Web Most of the world uses the web to communicate. Informal and formal To buy, search or anything else using the internet. ...read more.


For use in businesses or organisations. Body language Used when talking to anyone. Using the correct body language in an interview can secure you a job, or used in presentations. Interviews The person who is interviewing you. When going in for a job interview. Notice boards/ posters Usually for anyone who is in the area of where the notice board is. Schools, businesses and other places where many people will see them. Invoice For customers who buy products and need an invoice as proof of their purchase. For shops and other places where products can be bought. ?? ?? ?? ?? Name: Max Hunwick Lecturer: Jan Gerhard P3/M2 ...read more.

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