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Explain the different types of business information their sources and purposes. Examples from Amazon.

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´╗┐Alain Litumba Unit 4 - Business Communications P1: Explain the different types of business information their sources and purposes. 1. Introduction Business information is a very important point in the world of business today, without information organizations will not be able to cope with the business world. Every day, organizations try to find maximum information about their target market, in order to improve the quality of products or services. In this assessment, I will explain different types of business information, their sources and purposes. I will investigate about Amazon.com. Amazon.com is an American multinational organization founded in 1994. Amazon operates on internet. Amazon.com are selling products such as DVDs, software, video game, apparel, furniture, jewellery and lot more. Amazon is one of the most profitable companies in the world; they expanded their affairs around the world. They have websites in UK, France, Germany, Japan and China. 1. Types of Information Information: Fact/Knowledge/news communicated to peoples concerning different affairs and action. Communication: The action of transferring information, fact, knowledge, news to peoples. http://dictionary.reference.com/ 1. Verbal Verbal information happens when people use voice, sounds and languages to communicate with each other. ...read more.


Electronics Email: Email is written communication, email has same the same characteristic than a letter, expect that, individuals need computers and internet to send mail. Today electronic emails are used everywhere in world, business and people. Electronics email allow people to communicate faster compare to letter (take at least 24 hours) and allow business to save costs (papers). Amazon.com to confirm customers? command, to communicate with customers, if there is any problem or return the product and sometimes when customers forgot their password, information to reset are send through email. SMS: Stand for short message service, text message can use with a phone, web and mobile. SMS?s modern way of writing communication among the three. SMS allow business and people to transmit information faster and simply. Amazon.com use it communicate with their customers, for example about any problem with delivery or to ask customers if they are satisfied with the product. 1. Multimedia Multimedia information happen when text, images, videos, animation, graphics are put together. Multimedia allows business to attract people; as it interested people and it also easy to use. Examples of multimedia information are World Wide Web, interactive television. Computer, 3D video and images and many more. ...read more.


Amazon.com use customers research, to find what if clients are satisfied or not with service or product and also to find potential customers. Market research will help amazon.com to improve quality in product and service. Communicating Sales promotion Amazon.com needs sales promotion so they could influence customers to buy their product. Amazon.com various promotion methods (TV, Radio, newspapers, websites and more...). Amazon.com use market research information, to find out clients behaviour, age, motivation; those information will help Amazon.com to find out how, what, where they should advertise their product. 1. Source of Information Source of information is where business information is from; there are two types of business Information; Internal and external. 1. External External source of information are information taken outside the business. Examples of external information may; market research, TV news, newspapers, government reports and more. Amazon .com use external source of information to find out about the market. For amazon.com, external information?s are easy to find, so time saving. 1. Internal Internal source of information are information taken inside the business. Internal sources of information can be customers receipt, revenues, information of profit and customers, cash flow and more. Amazon.com has many functional areas, majority of internal information are taken in functional areas. Amazon.com uses that information to create customers loyalty. 1. ...read more.

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