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Explain, using 2 businesses how the style of organisation helps to fulfil their purposes.

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Name: Saydul Miah BTEC National, Unit 1. Task P4: Explain, using 2 businesses how the style of organisation helps to fulfil their purposes. Business 1: Cracker Jack Business 2: Harris Academy at ` ` Peckham How does the type of organisational structure help achieve business?s aims & objectives? The organisational structure of Cracker Jack is based on a flat structure. This can be located in Peckham next to Greggs. Even though the organisational Structure is small Cracker Jack can make a profit depending on their rent/mortgages and also their expenses. Cracker Jack has an aim of making enough customers to come in and out while making profits at the same time. Nevertheless customers are very happy when entering the store due to the fact that they supply more than one service such as photo shooting. ...read more.


The organisational structure makes the business more effective through the use of resources such as human resources Staffs and members have different task to follow since different task are given in order for the business to progress. What business environment does it operate within? How does it help achieve the aims & objectives? Cracker Jack business environment operates within a retail business that involves being a sole trader. Cracker Jack business enviorme- nt contains majority of factors involving effects of a company business such as Cracker Jack, the other factors such as competitors, suppliers, industry trends, social and economical factors as well as thinking though the technological developments. Their aims and objective is to be able to tackle these problems and be able to progress as well as competing with their competitors. ...read more.


Nevertheless Cracker Jacks strategic plan are normally based on a short term. strategic planning includes details such as its goals and current position, competitors as well as the resources that they are handling. If Cracker Jacks has a simple strategic plan then it depends on how well the business copes with the environment since they can achieve market authority by changing their plans such as the low-cost suppliers and saving enough money in order to survive within the business. The Harris Academy strategic plan depends on the directions and decisions that are made. These also relates to marketing, however the main concerns that needs to be involve is decision making, human resource management and operating different kind of operations. The objective is to be able to set the right direction of a business and should create a healthy start towards the business products and its services as well since these should meet the overall business objectives. ...read more.

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