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Explain what Cameron Balloons produces

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Instructions and guidance Pages 2-10 contains key questions that will help you provide a portfolio that covers all important areas for the completion of Unit 1 You must firstly save this outline to your own work area in your business folder. You must put on a header and footer with following details - your name - your teachers initials - the date - centre number 28233 - your candidate number To successfully complete these pages you will need your TWO businesses websites, the PowerPoint slides and any notes you have. Complete your portfolio by deleting the blue boxes and substituting YOUR ANSWERS. Explain what Businesses 1 produces Cameron Balloons produce a wide range of products. The firm manufactures a variety of hot-air balloons, airships and inflatable. They are almost certainly best known for their conventional balloons, but even these come in a wide range. They range from a very small single person envelope that suspends a single-seated metal frame rather than a basket, to the huge envelopes used by commercial passenger carrying operations. Cameron Balloons even look at a variety of size of the products they produce. Is this business in the primary, secondary or tertiary sector? How do you know? What are the main goods or services it produces? I think that Cameron Balloons is a Secondary business because it puts raw materials together to manufactures a variety of hot-air balloons such as airships and inflatable. ...read more.


Describe the location of Businesses 1 & 2 Balloons. (On the website, you will find information that tells you where Businesses 1 & 2 is located in the UK, and why. You could look at the location on a map to see if you can work out any other reasons for its location. There is a some space so if the business needed an extension they could have it because of the space they have around them and the other reason that it was located their because it is close to the motorway and they are close to the docks and so they can receive raw material quicker. Explain how the location of Businesses 1 is either an advantage or a disadvantage when dealing with: The disadvantages is that they have to take environmental factors in to count like disrupting the community environment by building roads and building this did not allow for expansion and also made transportation and the use of machinery difficult and there is more then one company that is producing hot air balloons and will may attract your customers so Cameron balloons will have compete by producing goods with accurate labelling and by making sure that the design process takes environmental concerns into account then the other company. The advantages There is a lot of space around the company so if the business needed an extension they will be able to because of the space they have around them ...read more.


Explain whether the location of Cameron Balloons has any significance when dealing with changes in the economy. (Explain where Cameron Balloons is located and say how this helps or hinders it when coping with changes in the economy.) Environmental Factors Explain what is meant by 'environmental factors'. Outline the main environmental factors that affect all businesses. (You should list the main environmental factors that affect businesses, and say how they might affect the business either by affecting its market, or the business itself. You should give examples of how each factor could affect the business.) Explain the main environmental factors faced by Cameron Balloons. (You should explain how certain factors are more important to this business than others, and explain why this is the case. Does the business rely heavily on road transport; does it produce toxic waste; does it have to use raw materials that are in short supply; how efficient - and environmentally sound - are its processes? These are just a few possibilities. You should give as much detail as possible.) Outline the main legislation that protects Cameron Balloons and its customers. (Give details of the law regarding environmental and consumer issues.) Explain how possible changes in this legislation would affect the business. (How would Cameron Balloons respond to changes in legislation? Explain how they could lobby for certain changes, and why they might wish to do so. ) ?? ?? ?? ?? Dharam Landa VAL Centre number: 28233 Candidate number: 0192 ...read more.

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