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'Explain why security is important to supermarkets. Discuss ways in which a supermarket can ensure data information in general products can be made secure.'

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Elizabeth Warwick 10B 'Explain why security is important to supermarkets. Discuss ways in which a supermarket can ensure data information in general products can be made secure.' Security is important to supermarkets because their computers are a cog in the running of the supermarket, it is vital no-one without authority can access the computer systems as they contain private and vital information, dealing with many aspects of the running of the supermarket. Computers in supermarkets deal with so many things, such as CCTV cameras, their web sites, automatic stock check, EPOS, advertisements and posters, food labels, bar codes, even the automatic doors. If at any point the information was changed or lost it was cause disaster in the supermarket franchise business. Systems can be protected by the use of passwords; this is a simple measure and can quickly be installed. Each staff member can have their one username and password to hopefully disable unauthorised users to enter the computer system, or certainly make it harder for them to do so. In a business there is almost no way of knowing other peoples passwords as there is such a large number of people, and such a variety of passwords, it would almost be impossible to guess. ...read more.


The Data Protection Act works in two ways. As well as giving you certain rights, it states that those who record and use personal information must be open about how the information is used and must follow the eight principles of 'good information handling.' When data is handled following these eight principles it ensure that it is being handled correctly according to the Data Protection Act. It must fairly and lawfully processed, processed for limited purposes, adequate, relevant and not excessive, accurate, not kept for longer then is necessary, processed in line with your rights, be secure and not transferred to countries without adequate protection. If supermarkets make sure they have details about this on their computers there would be great benefits for the good of the business. It would help to fight crime i.e., the system being entered by unauthorised persons and being used illegally, affecting the business substantially. Better medical care is another benefit. Benefits like this infect would make employees become more motivated which is the highest thing in the hierarchy of needs for employers. This would make a business run altogether more efficiently, as well as protecting the systems. ...read more.


Physically things can be stolen which means insurance premiums are increased, staff no longer feel that their belongings are secure so resign or sue the company, causing the company to become bankrupt or left with no employees. Another result of the computer system being hacked into because of the lack of security is prices being changed so customers do not want to buy products in the supermarket. They could be fooled if someone has changed the barcode number in the system so the number on the database and product are not compatible, or confusion. It may even cost the business money or the customer money, making the business liable to be legally battled by the customer. Automatic stock checks could also be changed by hackers so there is not enough stock in the supermarket, or they receive too much and as they haven't even made the profit from it they can't afford to re-order more. Supermarkets rely on ICT and the products they sell, if hackers change information that is private to the business effecting the products and general running of the business and destructing the whole business, it will eventually no longer be able to run as a business! This is why security is so essential to a business. Elizabeth Warwick 10B 01/05/2007 ...read more.

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