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Fishy business - BHP Mining in PNG.

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Khoa Nguyen Fishy business - BHP Mining in PNG We are living in a globalised day and age where large profits driven companies are becoming more influential. Far gone are the days when people were graciously helping each other. Companies are not focusing enough on the ethics and good business practices but rather have turned their attention to the big bucks. Large international companies will continually raise the bar further and further away from business ethics and moral standards to gain competitive advantage. Some might say as long as they do not breach any laws then they must be acting ethically. This is far from the case as there are business practices and decisions that are not covered by law to ensure all parties are fairly treated. ...read more.


With up to 40,000 residents living in villages along the Ok Tedi and Fly River affected from poorly planned waste management systems, the courts in Melbourne 1995 found the consortium guilty and had to compensate them. In 1996 further benefits were negotiated to ensure commitments to fining ways to reduces mine waste from entering the river system. Environmental effects were clearly evident in the fragile agriculture and ecosystem of the river area. Copper waste not recovered in the minding operation resulting in copper concentration 30 times natural levels in the rivers downstream. The suspended sediment rose 4-5 times than what they higher than pre-mined conditions were blamed for the reduction of fish caught - down 70-90% in most Middle to Upper Fly River as schools of fish migrate themselves to cleaner waters. ...read more.


Yes. It comes down to all individuals in an organisation reinforcing ethics, morals, and good business processes and operations. This will ensure the longevity of a profitable company. WORD COUNT = 492 words Internal Effects Reputation/public exposure External Effects Maintains environment What if you're not ethical? Litigation (class action) Business operation can no longer be controlled or performed efficiently/effectively without standards Bad Reputation COST - Loss of PROFITS and INCOME! Who is to say what is and what isn't ethical? But this is only the ugly side of business in the global economy today. business ethics and standards. come about through industry standards and common sense With every thing a companie does there will be repercussions down the road. There are those few who do abide by the law and carry out their business principles with their head held high. ...read more.

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