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For my Leisure and Tourism Unit three coursework I am investigating the Customer Service used in the Hilton Hotel chain. More specifically I am researching the Customer Service used in the Maidstone based hotel.

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James Hartnoll 11L Customer Service in Leisure and Tourism For my Leisure and Tourism Unit three coursework I am investigating the Customer Service used in the Hilton Hotel chain. More specifically I am researching the Customer Service used in the Maidstone based hotel. An explanation of Customer Service Customer service includes all contact with the customer, as well as the products and services that the organisation offers. In simple terms, it means putting the needs of customers first. Customer service may involve direct contact, such as when dealing with a customer face to face, or indirect contact, for example, in dealing with complaint letters. Good customer service is vital to run a successful organisation and to make a profit over similar types of venues in the surrounding area. It can all depend on whether you and your colleagues can deliver a high level of this important skill. Customer service is important to: * Customers * Employees * The Business/Organisation Background information of the Hilton Hotel chain The Hilton brand started off in 1925 in Dallas, USA with Conrad Hilton 'building' the first hotel. ...read more.


The benefits of excellent customer service for the Hilton Maidstone Of course the better customer service you and your team deliver the greater the benefits that your company will reap in the future. Good customer service is likely to lead to customer loyalty and repeat business. Obviously if you achieve this, your organisation is more likely to achieve its business targets such as maximising profit. There are many benefits that the hotel can gain by delivering excellent service to external customers such as: * Satisfied Customers: The importance of keeping customers happy should never be underestimated. This will often involve not just meeting their needs but exceeding them. * Repeat business and recommendations: Organiations that provide excellent customer service are likely to have loyal customers. Such customers are likely to recommend the company to their friends and family. If a business has a bank of loyal customers and repeat business they have a regular income that they can rely on. Building up good one to one customer relationships is important wherever possible. * A better or improved public image: In the competitive leisure and tourism industries, organisations with a good reputation are likely to be more successful. ...read more.


Of course, the above facts above do not work by themselves. The hotel staff member has to apply a good level of presentation and communication to create the right impression because you are a representative of the hotel. People say that you only get one chance to make a good first impression and that is certainly true. Presentation There are obvious guideline for clothing standards and personal hygiene such as * Clean Plain black shoes. No boots allowed. * Hair should be clean and dry before work. Beards, sideburns and moustaches are fine as long as they are kept neat and tidy. Short hair must me kept neat and shaved patterns and dreadlocks are not acceptable. * Jewellery must be kept to a minimum such as one wedding ring, engagement ring or plain band is allowed. A single pair of earrings- can be either plain studs or small hoops. Tattoos should be covered up at all times whilst on duty. * Please keep all make up to a minimum. Please do not wear a strong fragranced aftershave/perfume. Nails should be kept neat and tidy ...read more.

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