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Greek Philosophy Revision Notes.

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Study Guide 1. Gorgias 1. Sophist 1. People learn from them and listen to them 1. Indifference to the truth 1. Proposing serious questions of truth 2. Nothing exists ï we cannot prove that something exists 3. Incredible skeptism 1. Enomium of Helen 1. Helen was problematic 1. Sought cause war of Troy and problem with husband 1. Gorgias defends her 1. Misunderstood her 2. Decisions of God (fate) 1. Cannot hold her responsible 1. Wants to convince people he’s a good speaker 2. Can we blame Helen for fallen in love with Paris 1. Overcome with strong emotion 1. Judgmentï falling apart 1. Nothing is anyones fault, we can we blame? 1. Socrates 1. Didn’t agree with Gorgias 2. Method for developing points 1. Want to make a serious point 1. Points about what we do know 2. Distrusted writings 3. Writings from Plato (Socrates student) 4. Socratic Paradoxes 1. Virtue is one 1. How is everything related to good 2. Derived from good 1. Virtue is knowledge 1. Know what right and wrong are, the virtuous action will be evident to you 2. Suspicion if knowledge ï more difficult 1. No one does wrong knowingly and willingly 1. If we truly know what the good is, we will pick virtue every time 1. Defense of Socrates 1. Socrates is different than the Sophists 1. He is interested in the truth when sophists just want people to listen to them 1. ...read more.


Gynes Ring 1. Man in field and earthquake happes, goes in and ginds a ring ï spin ring and he becomes invisible 2. Glaucon believes with power would be irresistible to take adv. and unjust 1. Socrates (plato) convinces: 1. Justice us to live well 1. 2. 3. The Just soul and Just society 1. Ideal soul vs ideal state 1. 3 virtues ï wisdom, courage, and temperance 2. Every part of soul contributes at the right times 1. The 3 Classes: Ideal Republic 1. Guardians 1. Guard the city, the leaders 1. Good, wisdom to make decisions 1. Older man who have experience and know many things 1. Auxiliaries 1. Army, protect from people who want to take what we have 2. Courage 3. Need to be careful tho 1. Restricted on things to own 2. Don’t want them to abuse power and take advantage 3. Give attention and make comfortable but remove temptation 4. Good men can fall prey to temptation 1. Workers 1. Everyone else 2. Temperance 3. Need them to contribute to 4. Exercise self control that is guided by guardians 5. Contributing material goods 1. Hippolytus – Euripides 1. Illustrates virtue and justice 2. Phaedra falls in love with son Hippolytus because Aphrodite wants revenge for Hippolytus worshipping Artemis (goddess of chastity and hunting) 3. Can we blame Phaedra for galling in love? 1. Gorgias 1. We cannot blame her for what the Gods made her do 2. ...read more.


Remove yourself 1. Better perspective of the world and peace and pain 1. Stoicism 1. Freeing us from concern of things we cannot control 2. To act or not to act? 3. What you can and cannot control 1. Don’t worry about what you cannot control 1. Be detached in your own world too 1. Avoid inner turmoil Augustine 1. Ethics dominated by ancient Rome 2. Virtus ï manliness 1. Sure, brave, celebrated 1. Emphasis on duty ï dedicated to the society as a whole 2. Ongoing appeal of stoicism 1. Tripartite Reality 1. Divinity ï God’s eternal and unchanging 2. Souls/angels 3. Everything else 1. Comparison between Love of God and Aristotle’s Friendships 1. Appreciate the good friend because of the goodness 2. Faith and love for god ï goodness 1. City of God 1. Parallels to Plato’s Republic 1. Plato says philosophers dedicated to perfect world 1. Greatest goodness ï not found in soul and body in this life 2. Social order – God given control and good ï has a check on evil 3. Fascination in partical mortality 4. Earth is temporary – time wont be here forever 1. Cardinal Virtues: like Platos virtues 1. Prudence, Temperance, Justice, Courage 1. Able to tell good from evil 2. Control parts of us 3. Given strength to carry out actions 1. Enchirdion on Faith, Hope, and Love 1. All things were created good, also as a whole 1. Evil is a lack of goodness 1. Soul is naturally good, but has some wound in its virtue 2. Imperfection on something that is already naturally good ...read more.

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