Revision notes on marketing and organisational objectives unit 2 p3

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Unit 3 research

Marketing objectives

Link between organisational and marketing objectives

Overall vison- what has to be achieved to deliver the mission-functional objective (how marketing will contribute towards achieving the overall aim)

Types of corporate objectives

Growth, financial performance, innovation, reputation, contribution to communities.

Marketing objectives relate to:

  • Sales
  • Market share
  • Market standing
  • Customer awareness
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Customer retention
  • Product launches

Growth strategies- Ansoff’s matrix

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Strong brands will stay to mind

Colour signifies the type of product:

  • blue (social media, Facebook, twitter)
  • red, excitement, Coca-Cola, levis  

Relationship marketing

  • Focuses on the strong relationship between company and customer
  • Customer rewards, money off vouchers, BOGOF

Transactional marketing

  • Opposite of relationship marketing
  • No customer rewards

Jaguar and land rover relationship marketing

Extended warranty, road side assistance and multicar discounts

Jaguar Extended Warranty

  • 12 months extensive cover for most factory fitted mechanical and electrical ...

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