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Group 2 Metals.

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GROUP 2 METALS INTRODUCTION The properties of group 2 elements which I need to research are * The number of protons in the nucleus (called the atomic number) * The number of shells of electrons (which is the same as the row number in the Periodic table) * The atomic radius * The electronegativity (the ability of the atom to attract the electrons in a covalent bond) * The first ionisation energy (the energy required to remove an electron from a gaseous atom to make a gaseous ion) * The solubility of the metal sulphates * The solubility of the metal hydroxides PLANNING The sources of information that I'm going to use are: - The Internet - Text Books - Information from Friends - The periodic Table - Encyclopaedia Sources Advantage Disadvantage Internet - It is fast and easy to access - Sites may have some relevant information - No one checks the sites for information. This means that the research isn't as accurate as it can be. Textbooks - Are reasonably reliable as they have been written by scientists who have carried out some research. - Contains relevant information - May have information which is out of date. - Could consist of too many unnecessary details. Periodic Table - Has been around for a long period of time and therefore it is reliable - Encyclopaedia - Also consists of relevant information - It isn't as detailed as it can be ...read more.


* The distance of the electron from the nucleus - An electron close to the nucleus will be much more strongly attracted than one further away. * The number of electrons between the outer electrons and the nucleus - outer electrons can be shielded/screened by the inner electrons. * Whether the electron is on its own orbital or paired with another electron- two electrons on the same orbital repel each other as they are both the same charge. This means they are easier to remove than those that aren't paired. Electron configuration of the first 3 metals in Group 2: Element Atomic number Electron Configuration Beryllium (Be) 4 1s� 2s� Magnesium (Mg) 12 1s� 2s� 2p 3s� Calcium (Ca) 20 1s� 2s� 2p 3s� 3p 4s� As you go down group 2, the First Ionisation Energy, like electronegativity, decreases because the outer electrons are easier to remove as they are in a higher sub shell. This means that it is shielding from the nuclear charge my more inner shells as it is further away from the nucleus. Melting points of Group 2 Metals Element Proton number Symbol Melting point Beryllium 4 Be 1551 Magnesium 12 Mg 922 Calcium 20 Ca 1112 strontium 38 Sr 1042 barium 56 Ba 998 The Group 2 Metals are all metals with metallic bonding, so you expect their melting points to be high. In metallic bonding, metallic cations in a metallic lattice are attracted to delocalised ions. ...read more.


internet) search. * Relationship between information and purpose should be clear * Sources must be named * Records made of the nature of searches, e.g. print outs * Assessment of the relevance and quality of the information 2 IT2.2 Explore, and develop information and derive new information for TWO different purposes . "Evidence must show you can" * Enter and bring together information in a consistent form. In transferring chemical data from the internet onto the spreadsheet, care was taken to be consistent, by for example, putting data on gaseous compounds in a separate column from that on liquid compounds. 3 * Create and use appropriate structures and procedures to explore and develop information and derive new information; and The graph/chart plotting wizard was used to develop information 3, 4, 5 IT2.3 Present combined information for TWO different purposes and audiences. See previous comment about the "two" purposes/ Your work must include at least ONE example of text, ONE example of images, and ONE example of numbers There is text through out. The graph of the spreadsheet is full of numbers! The cover shows an image "Evidence must show you can" * Present information effectively, using a format and style that suits my audience; and * Ensure that your work is accurate and makes sense Guidance on internal assessment * Text styles should be applied consistently * I have used consistent heading styles, and the same font throughout. Divya Vekaria 12756 ...read more.

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