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HCT Corporate Social Responsibility

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New Campus, New Students, New Vision. Hereford College of Technology had been completely revamped, redesigned and rethought out to meet the standards and expectations of today's students. Not only does it look incredibly modern and up to date, but at the same time, we have strived to make the campus as environmentally friendly as possible. When it comes to the environment, Hereford College of Technology has managed to grab the bull by the horns and tackle it head on. We have done this by outfitting the entire college with intelligent windows and lighting. The windows can detect the humidity levels and heat levels in the room, so when it gets too hot in the room they will automatically open. The intelligent lighting works rather well too, as it will automatically switch off the lighting when there is no one in the room, and if there aren't many people present, it will turn off about half of the lights to save on energy emissions. ...read more.


The college currently employs 250 staff, half of which are teachers. All of our staff receive discounts in our Gym, and are part of our "Well Being" scheme, which puts healthcare first. This also includes free health check ups. Students, make the lifeblood of the HCT campus. If there were no students, there would be no campus. So how do we entice students to come here? Well we do this by what we offer as a college. We offer 100's of different courses to our students, which can enable them to start their dream jobs or to allow them to go onto higher education at a university. This produces a positive effect on the local community, because most of our students live in the local area and will thus transfer the skills they acquire here, to their local employer which provides a good boost to our local economy and attitude. ...read more.


This is provided if they turn up to all their lessons that week, and complete the work to a good standard. They will also receive two 100 bonuses at the start of January and at the end of their courses if they can maintain a 100% attendance record along with a good work completion rate. We also provide open access to our library and LRC [Learning Resource Centre] so that members of the local community can come in and research something they need. Alongside this students of one of our catering groups run and cook for our "Cider Orchard Restaurant", whereby locals can stop by and get some food in a calming style environment at very low prices. The campus will also allow the usage of our Events Hall so that presentations or events maybe given. In the future, we plan to be able to offer a lot more courses so that students who have to travel to Worcester for a specific course, can come here instead. ?? ?? ?? ?? Matt Bates ...read more.

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