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How different businesses use market segmentation.

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P5 Task 1 Radio 1 Extra- Radio 1 extra just like all the other radio stations need to recognize their market segment and are able to relate to them so they keep on listening to their radio station. Radio 1 extra isn't a radio station that appeals to everyone; they have targeted only a few market segments. There are several ways Radio 1 extra can segment and define their markets. One way Radio 1 extra segment their market is by age. Most people who listen to the type of music that they play are young people aged from around 18-30. This is because they listen to newer types of music and more mainstream music rather than listening to music which is quite old. This is shown because they play more mainstream and new music which is in the charts rather than music which are considered 'classics'. Another way Radio 1 extra segment their market is by lifestyle/music. Most people who listen to Radio 1 extra are people who are young have either working lives or go to university. Because of this they tend to just listen to music that's in the charts and is popular. ...read more.


Sports Direct - Sports direct use market segmentation to recognize their target market and are able to advertise and communicate with them so that they buy their products. Sports direct product aren't aimed at everyone, they have targeted a select market, there are several ways sports direct can segment and define their markets. One way sports direct segment their market is age. Most people who would be interested in sportswear would be young people aged from 16-30. This is because most people who are active in sports are typically quite young and we can see this in their adverts as they always use young sportspeople to advertise their products. Another way sports direct segment their market is interests. Most people who shop at sports direct are the types of people who have an active sport life. We know this because sports direct sell sports goods and advertise them with athletes. Another way sports direct segment their market is by price. Most people who shop at sports direct are the in the social groups of C1, D, E. Because of this they usually try to go for price over anything else. This is shows in Sports directs adverts as they always having constant sales and price reductions. ...read more.


The reason why they are able to sell all these sectors because Apple is a desirable brand to own so it's in demand by everyone. Industry - Apple would sell their laptops mainly to the design industry. This is because Apple are renowned for their design features on their products. Because they are highly rated the whole design industry always want to get the latest products to keep up with the competition. Apple also sell to the early adopters and early majority this is because people always want the latest products from Apple so that they can always get the most modern products and programmes. Sussex recruitment - Location - Sussex recruitment specialise in finding jobs for people who are looking for jobs in any areas in Sussex. However they would have teams who search for jobs in different areas of Sussex. They are able to get jobs in Sussex because this is the only area they work in. Industry - Sussex recruitment specialise in finding jobs in the departments: Sales, admin, finance, cleaning, manufacturing, industrial, retail and IT. They search for any type of employment such as permanent, temporary and contract employment. They would have teams within their company who specialise in different areas of jobs so they could help people looking for certain areas of jobs to get the jobs their after. ...read more.

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