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I have personally experienced marketing when I saw an advert on the television for a new Philips hair epilator.It was advertised during spring/summer which is the exact time that ladies look for such things. I went and bought the item as it definitely app

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Many people have had direct contact with marketing whether as a consumer or as part of their job. I have personally experienced marketing when I saw an advert on the television for a new Philips hair epilator. It was on one of the main channels, ITV1, for a lot of people would have seen it. The advert was very good, everything was pink and they used young pretty models to advertise the item and to show all the special functions. They also said that there was 2 year guarantee if there were any problems you could return or exchange it. On top of all this it was on special offer. It was advertised during spring/summer which is the exact time that ladies look for such things. I went and bought the item as it definitely appealed to me, it was something that I wanted to try. I have chosen to look at study sessions one and four, and the concepts I have chosen from them are 1.2 and 4.4. Concept 1.2 Marketing segmentation targeting and positioning, can be used to analyze the above situation as targeting the correct consumers with the advert is crucial to the item being bought by that certain target audience. ...read more.


Marketing communications covers sales promotions, and when I purchased the item it was on special offer, with 10% off at Boots. Sales promotions are ideal for attracting customers and boosting the sales, as it creates an incentive to buy the product. This however does not 'cheapen' the product image instead it makes the customers think that they are saving and getting a good deal. Sales promotions can also give the company a better PR as they are helping people save their money, especially during this time, when a lot of people are having financial difficulties in the credit crunch. There are very few ethical problems which are connected to epilators, one of which is animal testing. This is a major ethical issue, a lot of people are strongly against animal testing as it is terrible the way the animals are treated many of which are in tiny cages, starved of food, water, sleep and are purposely paralysed and applied with terrible skin and eye irritants. Philips is known to use some animal testing for few products but they do not reveal this information as they want to keep a good PR so they keep quiet on the subject. ...read more.


There were a few different views on the discussion 'how can consumers protect themselves against unethical marketing', however a lot of people agreed that a single person cannot do very much to stop business from unethical marketing and that the solution to that would be to not purchase or use their service/product, however just one person will not affect the company if they do this, it takes larger organisations, and someone did mention getting the government to make a new legislation concerning this. A lot of people mentioned the example of the cheap chicken, pumped with water and chemicals being sold in the supermarkets, and are kept in terrible living conditions, this cannot be stopped by a few people as there are many who prefer to go for the cheaper options especially in these financially difficult times, it would almost be impossible to completely stop this, however something should be done to at least reduce it. This discussion topic has made me more aware and caused me to pay more attention to the unethical marketing a lot of business use, it also makes me consider not buying things that I may of done before, as I was not aware of unethical marketing. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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