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I intended to design and make a holiday brochure for Florence in Italy.

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What did I set out to do? I intended to design and make a holiday brochure for Florence in Italy. The Brochure was to be aimed at the age from 25-55 because there will be something suitable for everyone in their interest. The purpose of the brochure was to be used to give people information on cities, resorts and accommodation. The brochure was being designed to sell holidays. I said in my brief that I would include details of sports and entertainment. However, I did not include these topics in my brochure because it was not what my questionnaire illustrated. I did achieve to include in my brochure information about restaurants and accommodation. I said the brochure would be mass produced and I was also able to achieve this by using a photocopier. The design brief also mentioned to design a front cover of Florence that would grab people's attention with colour. This is exactly the outcome of my design as they are the results from my testing. My brochure was also to include a map of Florence and therefore I made sure it was included. The content information for my brochure in the specification said it should include Travel facts, Restaurants and cafes, Shopping, Accommodation and sight seeing. All of these requirements are in my brochure and as a result I also achieved this. ...read more.


However, it makes the brochure stand out more in plain paper. Their opinion of how the brochure could be improved was that the front cover could be laminated. This could have been done as it would catch the customers' attention more. I researched laminating although I did not use it because in real life when being mass produced, it would be very expensive to produce and brochures are free in travel agents. The expert also made a point that there could have been a company logo. The logo could have been put on the back of the brochure for emphasise of the company. To improve the stand, it was said that it should be painted more carefully. I agree with this and I do think the stand should be painted better. The stand still appeared attractive to the customers however. The best feature of the stand from the experts view was the colour (white). They also said that the best feature of the brochure was the front cover. This is a very good result as it is what attracts the customer most to picking the brochure up. The layout of the business card was said to be improved by the website being placed on the back. This may have been better as it would have appeared less cramped together, the information. What alterations did you make as you were going along and what problems did you have? ...read more.


To support these ideas, I researched existing stands from the internet. 7. To improve my ideas of the stands, I would show I was aware of more materials such as plastic to make the stand. 8. About in the tenth week, I also decided to make a business card to advertise my brochure. I got very good research for this, as the existing products of business cards showed different ways of laying out the data. 9. In the twelfth week, I bought all of my materials which were correct and I didn't have to make any modifications to the equipment. Although the paint for the stand came to a cost of �15 which was very expensive as I did not need all of this. The PVA glue was provided by the school and the MDF wood also. 10. I completed my stand in fifteenth week and I started making my brochure. My brochure was very easy to make as I had most of the equipment I needed already. I bought the thick cartridge paper and that was all I needed to buy. I had my front cover photocopied because it came out as a better quality rather than scanning it into the computer. 11. My business card design was printed out using a photocopier from photo card in a printer shop. This was done in the seventeenth week of my project. It was a very good way of mass producing the business card, as it was quick and good quality. I wouldn't change the manufacture of it. I ...read more.

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