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ICT Solutions

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The Poster To make the poster I used Microsoft Publisher. I got onto the main screen on Microsoft publisher and I selected the poster template and from that template I chose a basic design from which to start off my poster. After selecting the design I got onto the main designing screen and the first thing I changed of the poster was the background and the border I selected a gradient border and a black background this is because it gives a professional look to the poster and it makes the actual poster eye-catching by using a gradient. I then inserted my business logo from file and enlarged it to fit across my poster; I enlarged it because it could then be seen from a fair distance away and also consequently making the poster more noticeable. I introduced a few pictures of a gym setting to the background to make it noticeable straight away to the people that look at the poster that it is about a fitness club after doing that I added one clip art picture to make the poster more effective when it comes to looking professional. I then made a Header saying: "GRAND OPENING" and put it under the clip art I enlarged that to fit across the page too because it also shows that it is a newly opened gym and people could see this immediately. ...read more.


I then added another Text box into which I typed in my Name and business Title to make the card look more professional I also formatted the colour and border of this text box to match the rest of the business card. I had a little space left on my business card to which I inserted a clip-art picture of a gym picture to show that the business card actually was one of a leisure club. I then selected multiple copies of the card on one page and printed it out. The Client Database I firstly needed information from my clients to make my database to do this I made a data collection form which the clients can fill out with their information and then it would make it easy to just type it into the database. The data collection form I made using Microsoft word I set it out in different sections labelled by the different headings I am going to put in my database this is what the data collection form I designed looks like - After I collated all the information from the clients together I drew up a database from each of the headers on the membership. I made the headers go along the top of the spreadsheet and I inserted the information from the clients down the columns of the spreadsheet. ...read more.


I then had a list of things from the database I could insert into the empty template I had of the letter I wanted to send to each individual client - I then inserted all of the fields I wanted into the correct places of my document. Without merging the document looked like this - Then after I had done that I clicked on view merged data and it produced 21 letters all according to the clients I had on the database. All I had to do to print out the different letters for different clients was to flick through them using the "next record" button. I looked at each letter to validate if the mail merge was correct and it had no errors to the details I had specific to any of the individual clients. I could easily find a specific client to without having to go through each individual record by using a tool called "find entry" this enables me to find one specific client quickly and efficiently; this is done by typing data specific to the client that is related to any one of the fields I have on the mail merge letter, then after doing so I click on find and it brings up that certain clients letter - ...read more.

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