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Illustrate, using examples, the benefits to business of providing good customer service to both internal and external customers.

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AO1 Illustrate, using examples, the benefits to business of providing good customer service to both internal and external customers. Customer Service 'Customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase.' A psychologist called Turban et al said that customer service is created by lots of activities which are made to improve the level of customer satisfaction. In other words, it is making sure that a product or service is up to expectations of customers. One of customer's expectations is refund. Refund is possible if a customer can a receipt and he fit in specified time where refund is accepted. In retail stores, usually there is a desk which is needed to deal with returns, exchanges and complaints. Customer service has a really important role in incomes and revenue, when looking overall on sales process, because customer service can change whole customer's opinion about organisation. In recent years, levels of customer service decreased, because of lack of support or understand customer's needs and expectations. That's why many organisations employed different methods to improve customer's satisfaction level. Good customer service for me, is making customers happy with what they bought and what service they used. Customers should get offers of help from employees and if customers complains employee should listen to a customer carefully and do the best of him to resolve customer's problem. If customer wants a refund of something, company has to resolve this quickly, because customers do not like to wait. ...read more.


All of the companies want their customers to take actions, such as visiting company's website, sign up for a newsletter and to make them to purchase company's product. When customer have done one of these things once, company wants him to continue doing business with them, because usually company spends lots of their money on these actions first time and they do not want to pay again for the second time. There are customer's data and models to them which show which customers are most likely to become loyal; these data can tell you what product you can promote to and how to save marketing money on customers who are loyal for longer. For example, company is looking on loyal customers and by this they can find that a customer visits and buy something once in 30 days. Company starts to 'follow' these customers' actions and can find that 20% of them 'skip' their 30 days activity, however, 90% of this 20% never come back again to the store. In this case, company cannot do anything about it, because these customers already gone and it is really expensive if this company will pay for their retention. It means that company has to recognise high loyalty customers, who can be at risk of loosing and quickly take actions before they leave you. More customers through repeat business and recommendations Satisfied customers benefit business by repeating purchases in this business. Because of returning to the store customers, company can offer bigger range of products, what increases company's sales; also, it increases their incomes and profits. ...read more.


Communication is really important at work, not only with internal customers but with external too. When internal customer receives good customer service, by which he felt valued, then his productivity will improve, so more profits and incomes. When company cares about his employees then employees are less likely to leave this job, what means no costs needed for requirement. Employees should be prepared for complains and has some special procedures about it, by which they are able to take actions when customer complains. Some businesses measures internal customers satisfaction by surveying staff of the company, they set questions likes what can be improved, etc. More favourable method of measures are questionnaires, where company finds exactly what is going on in the company day to day. Employees feedback is really important for a business to success. Other measurement which is taken is performance measurement, which helps with recognising problems. Different thing, which is important is measurement of satisfaction levels in internal customers, to find out where improvement should be made. Usually improvements cover new procedures or correcting oldest, however they may include identifying of trainings. Improved job satisfaction When people inside company are happy with each other, it makes an output of external customers. When work is done correctly and on time, employee can receive a bonus in payments or free holidays, being able to use company's van or car, etc. All of these are part of satisfaction from a job. Happy workforce are more effective and more productive and by these there are more incomes. ?? ?? ?? ?? Unit 2 Customer Service AO1 Paulina Wasilewska ...read more.

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