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In this report I intend to create a detailed report of Tesco's.

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In this report I intend to create a detailed report of Tesco's. I want to see what they have done to get to where they are today and to try to evaluate why what they did worked. I want to get as much information as possible, although some information may not be accessible to the public as it could be sensitive. After the First World War, Jack Cohen received a �40 gratuity. With this he set up his own East end fruit and veg store. Later he joined with another man T. E Stockwell to create a partnership. They then formed a limited company and now Tesco is a public limited company (PLC) with an annual turn over of around �30,814 million pounds. When Cohen set up Tesco, he was a sole trader, he would have had unlimited liability. This means that if he went bust and unable to pay his debts he would have his personal belongings sold by the bank to pay off his debts. His only source of finance was his �40 war gratuity. However nowadays there are many different sources of finance from bank loans to business angles to loan sharks as well as personal savings and family and friends. Being a sole trader has many advantages as there aren't many forms to fill in. You can take holidays when you want and all the money that is made in the form of profit is yours for the keeping. Being a sole trader means that he had total control over his business all profit made goes straight to him and doesn't need to be split up. When he merged to form a partnership he would have had to sign a deed of partnership. This outlines all main points about the partnership from money salaries to working hours. He would now have to consult his partner before making any decisions about the business. ...read more.


They are responsible for a number of things ranging from maintance to rep-rographics to catering and stationery. Many big companies employ other agencies to do this for them this is called outsourcing. 6. Research and Development, Research and development is important to Tesco because they sell many products that do not really differ. This is a problem because a business that doesn't change its products will eventually lose to other competitors. This is why the research department, tries to find out what the customer wants and what products need to be improved or changed. This insures that the Tesco food range is continuously changed. Bakery products are introduced and changed. Bread is baked with new ingredients in it in order to have a bigger variation in the bakery. This is what customers want to see, it also attracts more customers knowing there is a lot of variation. Research also goes into the food made. Tesco uses computer in research like cad and cam to help make the food healthier and better designed. Development is a huge part of Tesco as new Tesco products go through the development function; this designs new products and develops them. This is one of the factors that make Tesco stand out. There are many ways in which information can be got by Tesco's. They normally use there own information as it is cheaper and easy to obtain. It is also up to date and completely relevant. Tesco's could buy research but this can be very expensive and not as up to date as is necessary. If all these resources work together closely like they do in Tesco's you will get a very successful business. Each of these departments works on a large level and a small one they can be split down from main management in the offices to the individual shop's management. Obviously in each shop the departments are a lot smaller and some don't exist e.g. ...read more.


The more products the business sells or makes the more profit it will make. By making sure, everything goes according to plan and the machines, staff, and input are where they should be the operation of production process will be successful in any business including Tesco. If it is in chaos, the machines will brake down and the staff will not know how to handle it. The staff need to be well motivated so that the business runs smoothly and effectively. Tesco's feel that using a decentralized method of management they will succeed. This was a good decision as it has obviously worked making Tesco's one of the biggest and most successful businesses in the country and may be soon the world. For Tesco's to continue doing as well as they are they need to increase the quality of organization. To do this they could send managers on courses in other fields apart from there own. They could also look at how other company's keep there business in good order. This information could then be compared to these and they could alter how they do things. The world is constantly changing with new technology being invented and new products designed, if Tesco's keep on moving with the new ideas that come out then they will keep making millions of pounds profit however if they stop only for a couple of months they will fall behind and there competitors will take there customers. Sources: o The Tesco web site. o Which survey o C. Berry an employee at Tesco's who took me on a tour of the store and gave me a talk about the business. o Newspaper reviews and articles from the times and telegraph. o The advanced business text book. o I have also used my own knowledge. o I did also write to Tesco's and request an information pack but they didn't get back to me. Richard Robinson Year 12 Mr Brass / Mrs Madders ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level ICT in Business section.

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