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Infrastructure of E - business

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Infrastructure of E - business Summary Developing an infrastructure with which to exploit e-business must be brought onto the agenda as a tool to enrich management possibilities, not a problem to be managed. This report will demonstrate why building an infrastructure for e-business is the vital strategic issue for management and how the PAL group can develop their own strategy and win business support for infrastructure development. This assignment examines the infrastructure requirements of the four key areas of e-business activity like B2B, B2C, intra-firm and global. Discover the e-business potential within each of these areas, along with in-depth details of the technology, management, and cultural infrastructures required to successfully exploit and develop these opportunities. Detailed industry examples illustrate the potential pitfalls, challenges, errors and success stories and contribute to comprehensive coverage of how to successfully build a tailored information infrastructure for the market. Discover how to use the e-business outsourcing market by studying examples of actual outsourcing practices and analysing their outcomes and the reasons for success or failure. See when and how an organization should source work from the external market and which core capabilities should be built in-house. Understand the risks and advantages of outsourcing and learn how to manage technology suppliers and develop a long-term sourcing strategy. 1. What is infrastructure of e-business Few in business today are unaware of the power of e-business to transform whole organizations. Any organization hoping to exploit its potential must develop an infrastructure that can cope with the demands of e-business. ...read more.


Additionally, companies need to provide an infrastructure that allows customers to choose their channel preferences to interact with the enterprise. * Usage of multiple devices and media: Accelerated use of different communication media via multiple business channels makes it increasingly important to adopt solutions that let customers choose when and how they want to communicate. In particular, there is significant early interest in these technologies from the banking, brokerage, fisheries, and retail products sector. * The extended enterprise: As the wave of mergers and acquisitions continues to extend the enterprise, it is becoming increasingly difficult to respond effectively and rapidly to customers, partners, suppliers, and employees. New technologies and services that facilitate the development, integration, and management of the extended enterprises will be critical to the rapid response and strategic movement of an extended enterprise as it adapts itself to the market environment to survive. * Heightened customer requirements: Customers demand access to new channels and e-business and want faster, more personalized service than ever before. Organizations that can add value to a consumer's purchasing experience or win his or her trust are likelier to succeed in their customer strategies. Personalizing the customer experience is a key differentiator to increase customer acquisition rates, customer profitability, and customer retention. The personalization of customer preferences, product information, marketing messages, pricing, and discounts needs to be consistent across any channel. To win more business and retain profitable customers, businesses will increasingly rely on integrated solutions that enable them to interact with customers via text chat, e-mail, voice, fax, WAP, or the Web. ...read more.


through greater understanding of clients' needs, wants and behavioral patterns Other functions of PAL e-business infrastructure So, after that, what other function that PAL e-business infrastructure has to help their business: * PAL e-business can take customer html or text document, personalize it, and send it to customer email database, whether customer want to read it. * PAL e-business has the infrastructure and bandwidth to fulfill this process from start to finish. * PAL e- business can generate the contact details of all those who have viewed (opened company email) and clicked through on any of the links in it. * PAL e-business can manage customer unsubscribe. * PAL e-business can manage customer bounce-backs, and sort them by type. Conclusion Over all that we all understand that without infrastructure there would be no modern business. All processes would be manual and the enterprise would soon fall prey to all competitors. E-business infrastructure must realize that they are fundamentally performing a support function for the business. IT is providing tools to help the business perform their function more efficiently than before and more effectively than their competitors. It should be professional in all dealings with their colleagues. Even so if our IT is funded centrally from allocated funds us should consider our IT infrastructure as a business itself and be run as one .Reference * www.lucent.com/contact/current_survey.html * www.smartframeworks.com/ * www.grandcenter.com * 'Advantaged technology system', mc lean, Unite States. * 'Alexis marketing', IL, Unite States * <<E-Marketing Excellence>> , P.R.Smith * <<Total E-mail Marketing>>, Dave Chaffey * 'Building E-Business Infrastructure', Global Information Inc, Optima Media Group * www.infor.com * www.visiblemarketing.co.uk 1 11 ...read more.

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