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Introduction To Marketing

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Introduction To Marketing For my assignment I will be focused on marketing and Cadburys Schweppes and how they use marketing research. Then for my second task I will be carrying out a market analyses tools and apply them to Cadburys Schweppes. Then for my final task I will do a power point presentation to identify and analyses the marketing strategy used by Cadburys Schweppes and make recommendations on how it could be developed. Definition of Marketing: Marketing is an important part of making sure that the products that consumers want are available. Marketing is the process of planning and carry out the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, services, organisations, and events to create and maintain relationships that will satisfy individual and organisational objectives. Introduction to Marketing is about Principle of marketing, marketing research, marketing information and marketing strategies. Marketing Principles are the goals of marketing: Understanding what the customer wants: Organisation has to constantly look for new products and market opportunities because the market is changing so rapidly. Keeping ahead of the competition: If the competition increases that means a dramatic change on the organisation. Communicating with customers: Even the best product distributed effectively may experience poor sales if the promotional support is ineffective. Using new technology: many marketing managers consider the use of technology as a key marketing principle. Task 1a Marketing theory includes the concept of links between the organisations corporate objectives and marketing objectives. The objectives are set out to what the business is trying to achieve. The objectives are set out by using SMART criteria the objectives have to be: * Specific - it has to state what exactly has to be achieved * Measurable - it has to be capable of measurement so it is possible to determine weather it has been achieved or how far it has been achieved * Achievable - the objective has to be realistic so it has to be based on the resources of the business * Relevant - the ...read more.


Market segmentation can be described in different way such as: * Demographic - age, sex, social class * Personality - extrovert introvert * Geographic - urban, rural * Behavioural - occasional users regular users Task 1b The purpose of marketing research is so that it helps to aim and achieve in an organisation and helps to make effective marketing decisions this is done by doing evaluation of data. Marketing research helps organisation achieve their overall objects by helping them to identify market opportunities and use to access and improve marketing activity and also helps by revealing important consumer information which helps to improve quality of marketing. Marketing research helps organisations in a number of ways to find out information about their market and business and also other markets and business. It helps identify the areas of which you are targeting with your product or service but also helps to understand what customers want and need. There are a number of ways of grouping and identify certain areas in the market this is called market segmentation but it is not jus splitting up the market area it is finding out information to help you know what it is that customers would pay good money for. There also are four types of research in marketing research and they are: * Primary research this helps to find out information by using a direct approach of you actually finding the research out the information yourself also known as field research. * Secondary research uses information that is already carried out by someone else for some other purpose not necessary the same purpose as you but you are using that other person's research to help with your research also known as desk research. * Quantitative research is research with the use of number and figure for example it uses the number and percentage of consumers that are aware of a particular product or service. ...read more.


A potential acquisition * A potential partnership * An investment opportunity Be sure to describe the subject for the pestle analysis clearly so that people who are contributing to the analysis, and those seeing the finished pestle analysis, properly understanding the purpose of the pestle assessment and implications. A product life cycle can be divided in to several stages characterised by the revenue generated by the product. If a curve is drawn showing product revenue over time. Introduction: Sales are slow, as the product is not yet known. Costs are high due to heavy marketing spend to create awareness. Emphasis is on advertising and distribution. The recently launched Cadbury Snaps range is an example of a brand at the introduction stage. Growth: This stage shows growing market acceptance and increasing profits. Competitors begin to enter the marketplace. The business concentrates on optimising product availability. The Cadburys Snaps range then grew and developed as well creating different flavours and different proportions for people. Maturity: The rate of sales growth slows down as the product has been widely distributed and sold. The company now focuses on creating brand extensions and promotion offers to boost sales. New product research is critical to ensure future sales. The Cadbury Snack range is an example of a brand at the maturity stage. Saturation: Sales slow down as the market becomes saturated. Profits level off and may even decline due to increased investment in marketing to defend against competitors. Cadburys has had sales slow down due to salmonella contamination in January and products had to be called back cause a decline in business. Decline: Sales slow down dramatically and profits fall off. The product may be dropped to make way for new products and the cycle recommences. Cadburys is known for it chocolate and sweet range of products but to say Cadburys was to start selling Cadburys chips they wouldn't be the most popular brand of chips and it may decline dramatically. ?? ?? ?? ?? Manpreet Chahal Page 1 2/6/2008 ...read more.

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