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Is There a Scope For a New Business In the Local Area?

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IS THERE A SCOPE FOR A NEW BUSINESS IN THE LOCAL AREA? BY NOMHAN KHAN The title I chose is ' IS THERE A SCOPE FOR A NEW BUSINESS IN THE LOCAL AREA?' the reason I chose this title is because I believe that there is a scope for a new specific car garage within my area. What I plan to do is open a garage, which specifically deals with Italian cars. What I have noticed within my area that there are many garages but most do not deal with Italian cars/parts. What I propose to do to do is set up this garage which will be beneficial to the local community as there are many Italian cars around in my area where this will save time for customers who look to order parts from other garages which can take a lot of time to arrive and cost a lot of money. The location of my garage will be situated on a main road. This will be one pro to my business as drivers go past can notice that there is a garage for Italian cars. Besides just selling Italian car parts and fixing cars, I hope to specialise in fixing other cars from countries like Japan, France and Germany. I also propose to sell tyres of all kinds. ...read more.


They also said that they 'rip you off' because you have to pay a lot of money and they do not even do a good job. The next page shows the financial detail of my business for the first three years of running. These spreadsheets include all the variable costs; fixed costs, total costs, fixed assets etc. Short Term Objectives: * To provide the complete range of parts for the Italian cars at competitive prices; * Buy or lease a vehicle for delivery of cargo; * Deliver cargo to our customers on the same day of order; * Advertise and develop awareness of ICRC; * Endow with a technical support line for the general public; * Institute contacts with garages and body work shops for sales; * Have an approves Ministry of Transport inspector; * Provide M.O.T tests; * Buy or lease garage equipment. Long Term Objectives: * Move to a larger premises; * Provide body parts for all sorts of cars i.e. doors, wings etc. on premises; * Expand our range of parts available to cover ore manufacturers; * Provide complete repair and maintenance including M.O.T tests; * Employ extra staff to increase sales and output; * Create a CD/catalogue to supply to customers; * Supply parts and advertise on-line (Internet). PROVIDE COMPLETE RANGE OF PARTS FOR THE JAPANESE AND FRENCH CARS. ...read more.


The cost of leasing a platform lift is approximately �30.00 per week. STRENGTHS: * A complete and comprehensive range of parts for the Italian cars, which no other company provides. * Same day delivery service to account holding customers. * A location that is strategic an accessible to the public as well as being within the surrounds of other motor trade organisations including dealers. * Discounts to account holders. * A credit scheme to assist in customer relationships. * A technical support line for customers. * Free electrical test carried out. * Prices will be competitive as we intend to specialise in a particular type of manufactures. 1. If you had a car garage, which could order specialist good and bulk orders to reduce certain costs, would you use it? 2. Do you think that your business and the local community could benefit from a local car garage? 3. In your opinion is there a high rate of home improvement in the local area? 4. What services does your business need that a local car garage could provide? 5. In your opinion would a local car garage be a success in a local area without one? I would like to thank all the people who answered my questionnaire and my telephone calls and anyone else who helped me with my research information. Businesses need to recruit the best possible procedure workers. To achieve this, I have to decide what procedures to adopt for recruitment and selection. ...read more.

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