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Just-in-Time (case problem).

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ASSIGNMENT 2 Just-in-Time (case problem) SCHOOL OF COMPUTING & TECHNOLOGY BEng Manufacturing Systems Engineering Unit: ME209 Production Management & Control (ipp) Assignment 2 - Just-in-Time (case problem) You should tackle all questions in this assignment. Date Set: 15th November 2002 Hand-in-date: 13th December 2002 You should tackle all questions in this assignment __________________________________________________________________________________ Question JIT WOES - CASE PROBLEM B&B Electronics, a supplier in the telecommunications industry, has a problem. Demand is down; but competitive pressures for better quality at a reduced price are up. Customers who used to order in large lots with plenty of lead-time now want daily deliveries of small quantities. Contracts use terms such as "statistical evidence of quality" and "just-in-time delivery". More and more customers are requiring supplier certification with standards that B&B cannot meet. More and more customers are requiring supplier certification with standards that B&B cannot meet. Plant manager John Walters has to take action. "If JIT is good enough for our customers, it's good enough for us," he declared, and called in one of his managers, Kelly Thompson. "Kelly, I can always rely on you to get us out of a jam, so don't let me down this time. I want you to implement JIT on the circuit board assembly line. Create a success story to show other employees how great this JIT stuff is. You've got free rein...not much money, but free rein to change anything you want in the system. Oh, and I want some results by next month." "Okay, boss," replied Kelly shakily. "What's your philosophy on JIT? I mean what do you consider its most important points?" ...read more.


Preventive maintenance: use machine and worker idle time to maintain equipment and prevent breakdowns 6. Flexible work force: workers should be trained to operate several machines, to perform maintenance tasks, and to perform quality inspections. In general, the attitude of respect for people leads to giving workers more responsibility for their own work. 7. Require supplier quality assurance and implement a zero defects quality program: errors leading to defective items must be eliminated, since there are no buffers of excess parts. A quality at the source (jidoka) program must be implemented to give workers the personal responsibility for the quality of the work they do, and the authority to stop production when something goes wrong. Techniques such as "JIT lights" (to indicate line slowdowns or stoppages) and "tally boards" (to record and analyze causes of production stoppages and slowdowns to facilitate correcting them later) may be used. 8. Small-lot (single unit) conveyance: use a control system such as a kanban (card) system to convey parts between work stations in small quantities (ideally, one unit at a time). In its largest sense, JIT is not the same thing as a kanban system, and a kanban system is not required to implement JIT (some companies have instituted a JIT program along with a MRP system), although JIT is required to implement a kanban system and the two concepts are frequently equated with one another The plan mentioned in the previous question, should take into account all off the above elements, they should not be put in place all at one time, Kelly shouldn't worry if improvements are not immediately evident, and her manager should support this. ...read more.


In practice it is often difficult to implement. Once understood and in particular the benefits of pull systems over push systems are understood, they can become a way of life. Operators used to work with lots of work in process lots of unfinished work cluttering the work area, therefore, he or she believed there was plenty of work about. The initial view of the workplace is that it is empty. This can be very disconcerting to the operator who now thinks there is no work about. To overcome these problems education of all operators is essential. There are a number of games designed for this purpose that will make this task easier, and more fun for the employee. Kelly should choose an operator/worker that she can relate to readily. The most powerful method of conveying this message is by allowing operators to discover for themselves the benefits of Pull systems in an environment, which is relevant to their own. The information gathered from implemented areas of JIT should be passed on to the workers, who should know the implications of JIT, and that there job security if JIT is not implemented correctly could be at risk. The company cannot stay competitive without this method therefore something has to change. If they can work as a team to keep the company profitable, the have more chance of keeping there job secure, and even improving conditions in the future. It is essential that the knowledge of all workers, both office, and the shop floor is used. From experience the people on the shop floor who actually do the job often have the best understanding of it, and can give the best ideas to improve the process. 2 1 ...read more.

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