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Language and Communication - This report is going to out line the business needs of the four business proposals presented by Software LTD, Public Relations Direct, Torch Telecommunications and Pore Design.

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Language and Communication Assignment 2 Task 1 Introduction This report is going to out line the business needs of the four business proposals presented by Software LTD, Public Relations Direct, Torch Telecommunications and Pore Design. I will then choose two proposals to accept and two to reject. Software LTD The business needs of Software LTD are to employ new staff and have enough physical space i.e. Office space. They will also need computers for their staff to work on. They will also need to budget for the purchase of the building, paying staff wages, holiday and sick pay. They may also need to hire a new manager to manage the new staff entering the company. A similar company such as Software AG, who have set up in Pride Park have invested one million pounds in a new office. According to Business in Derbyshire published on the internet by the Derby Evening Telegraph they plan to employ a further 10 to 20 more people to expand on their current staff. ...read more.


They will need to purchase a new office with equipment such as desks and computers for the new employees to work on to design and code there new games. A similar company called Core Design have recently set up business in Derby. Core Design is responsible for some of the top selling games in the UK such as Tomb Raider and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Accepted offers I have chosen to accept the following two offers from Torch Telecommunication and Pore Design. Torch Telecom I have accepted this offer from torch telecom because I believe that it would benefit a lot of companies in the area. This offer had a really strong case because of the presentation given and the hand out given to us during the presentation it outlines. The managing director at torch telecommunications says that the fibre optic service will provide a greater speed and reliability then the current system I also believe that torch telecom can make this initiative work because they have worked on the East midlands network which is Britain's largest fibre optic network. ...read more.


They also said that the average child sees 55 adverts a day and more then 20,000 a year. They believe that a child's "brand loyalty" starts from as soon as the age of two. They also believe that there will be approximately 3 programmers. The game will take about 1 - 2 years the total programming cost of around �100,000 to �150,000. Pore Design believe that making a game around one or more of the Disney characters will attract the younger people will want the game because Disney are recognized as having one of the strongest brands in the world. Rejected Offers I have rejected the offer from Public Relations direct because I believe that there is not a great demand for a company of this type in derby. Also I believe that the money that is needed to gain this sort of work is very high. All the small businesses in derby have not got enough money to hire this company to do its job. ...read more.

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