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Logistics and Operation Management.

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LOGISTICS AND OPERATION MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT: CUSTOMER SERVICE In our group of three, our assignment requires us to choose a retailer for whom we can purchase a product. This report will also highlight the following areas: 1. Describing the supply chain 2. The importance of CSF from the consumers and retailers' point of view and how they are addressed. 3. An appendix explaining how the work was shared. After much discussion, the retailer our group decided to choose was McDonalds. Since the first restaurant opening of McDonalds in October 1974, the famous golden arches have become a popular symbol with consumers all over the world. These days McDonalds can be found on High Streets, alongside major roads and in leisure and retail parks. McDonald's mission statement is: 'To be the UK's best quick service restaurant experience' (McDonald's fact file 2002, The Corporate Affairs Dept, April 2002) At present there are approximately 1,184 McDonald's restaurants operating in the UK alone, which roughly represents an investment of over �1.7 billion. When it comes to the franchise aspect of the business there are over 25,000 employees and just fewer than 48,000, otherwise, working for the company. This indicates that McDonalds is the largest and the best-known global fast food server. ...read more.


Ltd French fries and hash browns Coldwater Seafood Ltd Fish products Unigate Dairies Milk products Ashby Dairies Milk products Fisher Chilled Foods Lettuce, onions, tomatoes Kitchen Range Foods Fruit pies, donuts, vegetable patties Coca Cola Soft drinks Dairy Produce Packers Cheese slices (http://www.bized.ac.uk/compfact/mcdonalds/mc34.htm) Analysis of the supply chain for McDonalds fish products We have chosen to analyze McDonalds fish products; only 100% cod that have been caught in the clear waters of North Atlantic are used for McDonalds' fish fingers and fillet o fish. Only approved factories are used for the supply of fish products, which produce skinless de-boned cod. The supplier's technical personnel and McDonalds quality assurance department and independent auditors regularly visit and audit these factories to ensure that the very high standards are maintained. When preparing the fish blocks, no additives of any kind are used in the production. The cod can be traced back to the day it was caught and the vessel that caught it. Great efforts are made to remove all the bones from the fish when processing it; also a great deal of care is taken to make sure that fish of the highest quality is used. To make sure that all requirements are met at all times, 23 separate quality checks are made during manufacturing. ...read more.


When consumers place an order in a restaurant and these orders are met within a specific time, this will establish a good relationship with the consumer and the retailer. This is because McDonalds also highly depend on its good reputation, as they are well known in the UK as well as all over the world. When it comes to the retailer setting its policies for the supplier, it makes sure that they follow certain rules set by the government. McDonalds complies with all current legislations and where possible they try to act so that future environmental legislation is not too hard to act upon. The company appoints its own Environment manager who regularly sets targets, monitors and reports on the process of their suppliers. The executive group endorses the policy, which have been communicated to both employees and suppliers. The policy is reviewed every year to make changes or update the policy if the law changes, but this is only done when necessary. These policies influence the way McDonalds does business. The way the business impacts the environment is through: * Sowing agricultural products and other materials to serve and build restaurants. * The operation of restaurants and admin functions. Overall McDonalds have a very strict policy that it complies with and makes sure that their suppliers integrate with them and these policies. 1 BA (HONS) TUTOR: Jon Owens Rehana Mughal, Mandeep Binjhi, Nadia Sajjad ...read more.

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