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Management and enterprise.

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Management and Enterprise Introduction Unit 17 City Shoes Ltd is a business, which is involved with wholesaling, manufacturing and retailing. This already shows that the business will have many managerial roles within the business. City Shoes is involved with women's shoes and handbags. They are a medium sized business, which is consisted with about 50 employees. The wholesale business is located in Leicestershire and Manchester. The retailing business is located in Leicester and the manufacturing business is located in China. City Shoes started out in the shoe market in 1984 and since then they have always been expanding, especially in recent years as technology has become an significant factor for the company. The new technology has made the business into a very well known company in the shoe market. ...read more.


Quality has been the focus of the Cadbury business from the very beginning as generations have worked to produce chocolate with that very special taste, smoothness and snap, so characteristic of Cadbury's chocolate. Cadbury Schweppes main objective is to expand the company "Cadbury Schweppes' governing objective is growth of shareowner value." Setting clearly defined and realistic objectives will enable many employees for CS to understand exactly what their job entails and achieving clearly stated objectives might be linked to bonus payments which can easily act as a motivation to employees. As you can see, CS main objective is strategic objective because a primary objective is an ultimate long-term goal for their business. I personally think that the growth of any business is what CS or other companies use to survive as a business. ...read more.


A short-term objective may be to consolidate, or even simply to survive the difficult trading conditions that it is experiencing. Once this has been achieved and the business has stabilised its performance, then it may well look to achieve its long-term objective of diversification into new products and new markets, or growth through joining up. CS set objectives to improve their image and to appear more socially responsible and environmentally friendly, which is often achieved through strategies of recycling materials; sponsoring local events and strictly adhering to all employee legislation e.g. pay levels, Health & Safety, discrimination, etc. One of the best known publicity that CS has is advertising and sponsoring Coronation Street, which is a well known soap program in the UK. Both of these two businesses are completely in different markets; however they both have many management functions and use enterprise to generate profits. ...read more.

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