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Mark Warner Marketing Plan

Extracts from this document...


Mark Warner Marketing Plan 4/19/2009 Marketing Applications Table of Content Executive summary p4. 1.0 Introduction p5. 1.1 Travel Industry p5. 1.2 Current Economic Climate p5. 1.3 Buyer Behaviour p6. 1.4 Mark Warner's Target Demographic p6. 1.5 Mark Warner p7. 1.6 Mark Warner's Current Consumer Awareness p7. 2.0 Popular Holiday Destinations p7. 2.1 Domestic Tourism in the UK p8. 2.2 Popular Duration of Over-Night Stay p9. 2.3 Demand for childcare/single parent families p9. 2.4 Current Strengths p10. 2.5 Current Weaknesses p10 2.6 Current Opportunities p10 2.7 Current Threats p11 2.8 Ansoff Matrix p 3.0 Potential Product Innovation within Europe p 3.1 Product p 3.2 Summer Holidays p 3.3 Winter Holidays p 3.4 Price p 3.5 Place/Distribution p 3.6 Promotion p 3.7 Cost p 4.0 Potential new product launch p 4.1 Marketing/Advertising Plan p 4.2 SMART p 4.3 Cost p 4.4 Budget p 4.5 Revenue p 5.0 Marketing Plan p 6.0 What if Scenario p 7.0 Conclusion p References p Appendix 1 Executive Summary Mark Warner is a holiday operator specialising in providing a range of luxury holidays for consumers willing to spend more money than the average family. Mark Warner currently need a new strategy to make money in the tough economic climate, which is the basis for the report. The proposed solution is for Mark Warner to introduce short-break holidays, lasting of no more than 3 days, in selected resorts as a trial-run. There is clearly a market for short-breaks, now more than ever in the recession, as it is reported people would rather go on a short holiday than on none at all. Mark Warner would differentiate from existing competitors by providing their excellent childcare services with the short-break holiday package. This new package seems feasible, since Mark Warner have the existing capacity to accommodate the demand for short-breaks, where resorts would have otherwise been left empty. Thus, Mark Warner are saving money by fully utilising their available resources. ...read more.


The winter holiday season is from December to April. Since not everyone will want all the options Mark Warner offer, Mark Warner should develop a check-list where customers choose the options they want and disregard the ones they do not want. This will help cut costs for Mark Warner, and make the packages more flexible for the consumer. 3.4 Price Mark Warner is associated with luxury and so their prices for the services they offer are quite expensive, compared to competitors. The prices of the short-break holidays are proposed in relation to the prices of the existing holidays offered. For a 3 night stay at the San Agostino beach resort in Greece, the cheapest fare would start in May and cost an average of �289, per person and range to �790 during peak season. For a 3 night stay at the Courcheval 1850 ski resort in France, the cheapest fare would start in the beginning of December and cost an average of �400 per person, and range to �840 during peak season. Prices for all holidays increase during peak seasons, and the new package would be no exception. The prices of the holiday package are calculated from Mark Warner's average existing prices for the summer and winter holiday packages. 3.5 Place/Distribution Mark Warner is not a high-street tour operator, so you cannot go see representatives and book a holiday in person. Instead they have a telephone based sales team, where you talk to the professional sales persons on the phone and book a holiday. The sales department have very flexible hours, from Monday-Thursday 9am to 8pm, Friday from 9am to 6pm, giving people who work during the day an opportunity to call and book their holiday in the evening. They are even open on the weekends, on Saturday from 9am to 5pm and Sunday from 10am to 3pm. Alternatively, Mark Warner now also allows online booking, making it more convenient and easy for people to book and research their holiday online. ...read more.


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