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Marketing a succesful health club

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GCSE Business Studies Mr Zachariah Phillips Treeshan Lalsing 11DH Ernest Bevin College Candidate Number: 9046 Centre Number: 11020 Page Page Number Task Due Date Page Reference Completed Reason Research into different types of Business Ownership Research into factors of location Design business objectives Questionnaire Conduct secondary research Conduct primary research Types Of Business Ownership - What Is Right For My Business? Business Ownerships; (1) Sole trader A sole trader describes any business that is owned and controlled by one person, although they may employ workers. This could be a newsagent's shop, for example. Individuals, who provide a specialist service like hairdressers, plumbers or photographers, are also sole traders. Sole traders do not have a separate legal existence. As a result, the owners are personally liable for the firm's debts, and may have to pay them out of their own pocket. This is called unlimited liability. Advantages * The firms are usually small, and easy to set up. * Generally, only a small amount of capital needs to be invested, which reduces the initial start-up cost. * The wage bill will usually be low, because there a few or no employees. * It is easier to keep overall control, because the owner has a hands-on approach to running the business and can make decisions without consulting anyone else. Disadvantages * The sole trader has no one to share the responsibility of running the business with. A good hairdresser, for example, may not be very good at handling the accounts. * Sole traders often work long hours and find it difficult to take holidays, or time off if they are ill. * Developing the business is also limited by the amount of capital personally available. * There is also the risk of unlimited liability, where the sole trader can be forces to sell personal assets to cover any business debts. (2) Partnerships Partnerships are businesses owned by two or more people. ...read more.


Government Grants Many parts of the UK suffer from high unemployment The Government offers grants (i.e. financial assistance) to firms if they are prepared to re-locate their factories etc to designated areas (e.g. the North East of England). By accepting these grants firms can lower their business costs and make themselves more competitive in the market place. Availability of skilled workers If a firm does re-locate to a new area, it will need to ensure that there are skilled workers it can employ. If there are not skilled workers available, it will either have to encourage its existing workers to move to the new area, and / or train new workers. Availability of suppliers / access to customers It may be very important for a firm to have close proximity to its suppliers. If it decides to move to a new area it must ensure that the suppliers within the locality can satisfy its needs. Otherwise it will have to use suppliers outside of the area. This could cause it many problems. It may also be very important for the firm to have close proximity to its customers. Will it have this if it moves the new area? Transportation / communication facilities Easy access to major road networks, international airports, and highly effective communication systems are all very important for any business. Does the new area offer these facilities? What Shall I choose? Having read through all the factors worth having when setting up a fitness centre, I do believe that it is so important to make the centre available to as much customers as possible. This at the end of the day will make me a healthy profit. I conclude that location is all important when setting up a business. The closer I have my business set up next to My Business Objectives My business objectives can be broken down into long term objectives and short term objectives. ...read more.


- More than an hour { } Less than an hour { } 6) Do you like the facilities in other gyms? - 1 { } 2 { } 3 { } 4 { } 5 { } 7) Do you think that they should be improved? - 1 { } 2 { } 3 { } 4 { } 5 { } 8) Do you think gym memberships are overpriced? - 1 { } 2 { } 3 { } 4 { } 5 { } 9) Where do you live? - South London { } North London { } East London { } West London { } Outside London { } 10) How far from your place of residence is it to your nearest gym? Less than a mile { } More than a mile { } Continue Overleaf. If you answered "No" in question 3 then please answer the questions below. If answered "Yes" then you have completed the questionnaire. 11) Do you think that gyms will make you lose weight fast? - 1 { } 2 { } 3 { } 4 { } 5 { } 12) Do you feel that gyms have adequate facilities in order for you to lose 1 { } 2 { } 3 { } 4 { } 5 { } 13) Do you feel comfortable in gyms when trying to lose weight? - 1 { } 2 { } 3 { } 4 { } 5 { } 14) Do you feel that healthy food is generally more expensive than "junk food"? - 1 { } 2 { } 3 { } 4 { } 5 { } 15) Do you feel that healthy food is generally less accessible than "junk food"? - 1 { } 2 { } 3 { } 4 { } 5 { } Thank you for completing this questionnaire, your answers are greatly appreciated. Treeshan Lalsing 11DH Business Studies Coursework How to market a successful fitness club ...read more.

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