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Marketing Environment - PEST Analysis.

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Marketing Environment An organisations working environment can be analysed by looking at: * External forces (those factors that an organisation has no control over), * Internal forces (factors that an organisation has direct control over) The external environment of an organisation can be analysed by using a P.E.S.T analysis. This is a simple analysis of an organisation Political, Economical Social and Technological environment. Political Political factors can have a direct effect on the way my business runs. Decisions made by government affect policies that affect my business. The government's introduction of a minimum wage affects all businesses as it means Nokia has to pay there workers a minimum wage of �3.70 per hour so there is also equality between female and male workers ,as do health and safety laws as the act introduced in 1974 states that an employer must have a written statement of its health and safety policy and this must be available to all staff to read as quoted on the Nokia site any new employer is given there own personal copy of it when they have their induction this statement consists of: ...read more.


is not a member of the EU they would have to pay higher tax this would result in Nokia increasing the recommended retail price in Switzerland meanwhile in Great Britain it would be cheaper to buy for customers and so the results are more revenue for Nokia. Economical All businesses are affected by economical factors nationally and internationally. Within the UK the type of the economy make out how a buyer may act within society. Whether an economy is in a boom, recession or recovery will also affect the customer's confidence. Economies around the world also have an impact on UK businesses; cheaper labour abroad affects the competitiveness of UK products nationally and globally. A big company such as the one I am working with has to be aware of economic conditions to ensure they use strategies and tactics that protect their business. Social Within society there is family, friends, and media that affect our attitude, interest and opinions. These make out who we are as people and the way we behave and what we buy. ...read more.


Technological Changes in technology are changing the way business operates. The Internet is having a huge impact on the marketing mix strategy of organisations. Customers can now shop 24 hours a day easily from their homes thus Nokia has introduced internet shopping where you can buy there phones conveniently from there main site www.nokia.com and has also introduced many sister sites dedicated to providing current Nokia owners polyphonic ring tones, wallpapers and applications for a minimal amount of money paid by the customer for prescription. This technological advancement means a faster exchange of information beneficial for businesses as they can react quickly to changes within their business. The speed of technological change is so fast that in the phone industry the average life of a phone is approximately 6 months. Technology will continue to grow organisations that continue to ignore this will face losing out so that's why I have to do my phone to the best possible specifications available for me to use as people expect from my established company a new technology or a very unique design that's attractive to the people I am aiming the phone for. ...read more.

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