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Monitoring, Maintaining and Improving Customer Service at Disneyland Paris

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Monitoring, Maintaining and Improving Customer Service It is fundamental to the success of Disneyland Paris that they are able to generate a high quality level of customer service, and once this is reached they must make sure they are able to maintain and continuously monitor this high quality level. This is significant to the success of Disneyland, as if they didn't monitor and maintain this high quality level of customer service, then it may affect the service being provided in a negative way meaning Disneyland Paris will lose some customers. The outcome of this unlikely event would be that Disneyland Paris would see the number of sales drop and very few repeat customers, leading to a decrease in revenue and therefore profit. If this situation happened then Disneyland Paris would face serious consequences, and this is something Disneyland Paris does not need as it is already in a lot of financial debt. Monitoring Customer Service There are several ways in which Disneyland Paris checks and monitors the high quality standard of customer service in which they provide. Firstly Disneyland Paris uses training to ensure and monitor customer service is to the correct standard and carries out regular training for employees. This is key when checking and monitoring customer service levels because if employees were incorrectly trained and were unsure about certain area surrounding their job and how Disneyland Paris expects them to present them selves then they would need re-training or require additional training about certain aspects they were unsure of. Disneyland Paris carries this training out in their Disneyland University. This technique of monitoring customer service also relates to mystery shoppers, this would is because any employees who have received a bad report from the mystery shopper and ...read more.


All cast members are trained to communicate with positive body language and with a smile on their face or in terms of the telephone with their voice. This will help customers feel welcomed and comfortable around cast members, thus, increase customer satisfaction and in turn the high quality of customer service will be maintained. As all cast members are trained to a high standard, they are also all given a handbook on all aspects of the complex, so any cast member should be able to give sales assistance and advice. It is important in customer care that consideration is given to all budgets. At both shops and restaurants you will find a wide variation in prices to meet every pocket. This will help to increase and maintain Disneyland's high level of customer service as it will give customers a wide variety of quality and prices to choose from which in turn, will make customers feel valued and have all their needs catered for, this consequently, will increase customer satisfaction. The analysis of customer service quality is of major importance to Disneyland Paris. Therefore, each year Disneyland creates a full appraisal which involves all aspects of the organisation. Disneyland Paris is a labour intensive organisation and therefore assessment of employees is a major part of any appraisal but equally important are aspects such as VFM, maintaining safety, and maintaining the magic. This would consequently be important when maintaining a high standard of customer service as if cast members knew what they had achieved and been given goals and targets to achieve they would be better motivated and in turn would provide a high level of customer service as they would have some purpose at Disneyland. ...read more.


Therefore, it will be essential that Disneyland can monitor the level of customer service being provided by asking customers to fill out a short survey/questionnaire at the end of their holiday. All these points will help to increase and maintain the outstanding level of customer service provided by Disneyland Paris. This slide shows that Disneyland Paris have thought about what their customers will expect from them and they have put themselves in the position of the average customer and how they may feel towards visiting Disneyland Resort Paris. From this research, Disneyland Paris has discovered that customers have very high expectations of Disneyland Paris and they want to fully experience the magic Disneyland offers. Disneyland Paris has also discovered that customers expect to be pleased and how they will expect to be pleased. There are eight different methods Disneyland Paris has identified in order to please and meet customer expectations, these being; surprises, bringing happiness, bringing refreshment, teaching, helping, thrilling, and making customers feel good/better or like a kid again. All these methods will help Disneyland Paris to increase the customer service they offer and help to maintain their current high standard of customer service. This slide identifies that Disneyland Paris have discovered what customers will expect from cast members, these things including; making customers feel happy, treating each and every customer as an individual, respecting every customer who visits Disneyland Paris and having knowledge as a cast member, being able to provide customers with any information they may need. Again, if Disneyland Paris manages to achieve these four expectations, they will be able to keep customer service to a high level and increase the level of customer service they currently provide. ?? ?? ?? ?? Unit 5 Strand C 50 Heather Scholes ...read more.

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