Travel and Tourism. For this task I will script a welcome meeting for two destinations, which will be Disneyland Paris, and Manhattan in New York.

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For this task I will script a welcome meeting for two destinations, which will be Disneyland Paris, and Manhattan in New York.


Hello everybody, and first of all I would like to thank you for attending the welcome meeting on the 1st July, here at the Disneyland Hotel! I will try not to keep you here long as I am sure you want to explore the park and the hotel on this hot summer’s day, so basically the reason I am having this welcome meeting is to tell you a bit about the hotel, but mainly about the area around the hotel, and of course Paris’ Magic Kingdom and the Walt Disney studios! So first of all I would like to tell you about the entrance to the park, as guests of the Disneyland Hotel, you are able to watch the guests as they line up outside the imposing gates each morning and then stream into the park from underneath the hotel! This is always a nice thing to do, especially if you have kids with you, as we all know how they can get in the long cues. Now I would like to warn you about something, you will have to watch for the clocks which run backwards in the corridors as this may confuse some of you! Characters roam the lobby and the hall ways throughout the day and a tip for all you kids - there is a small room on the third floor of the hotel from which they appear, starting at 7.30am each morning - every thirty minutes. Additionally for the adults there is a chance for an excellent photo opportunity, just position yourself on the 'bridge'. So children keep a look out for them! Also there is a swimming pool in this hotel for those smaller members of the family.

Next I would like talk about the weather, July in Paris is generally cool to pleasantly balmy, with average temperatures at around 66 degrees F. In


recent years, however, major heat waves have occasionally struck, particularly in late July, and temperatures have sometimes climbed to the 90's. so my advice to all of you and particularly either Elderly or younger visitors and visitors with medical conditions should be alert to possible spikes in temperature, and take necessary precautions. Although you rooms all do have air conditioning so feel free to come and cool up in your room, or use the hotels swimming pool. On the other hand however Paris is known for having unpredictable rain showers and despite the hot weather July Is one of the rainiest months of the year so expect some erratic thunderstorms and heavy showers so I would advise you Pack a reliable umbrella in case one of these surprises you during a stroll around the park or at a picnic or something similar to that. Additionally another tip I have is to be prepare to wear both closed-toe and open-toe shoes particularly you elderly lot! As On hot days or excursions to the park you'll appreciate the open-toed pair, but you'll need a good, comfortable pair of walking shoes too, especially since visits to Disneyland Paris usually involves lots of strolling, and last thing I would advise wearing a hat with sun cream as well.

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Now I would like to tell you the many attractions, Parents and particularly women! Have any of you brought 2 suitcases? Well if you have I am sure you will want to listen to this. If there is one thing you will never have a problem finding in Disneyland Paris, it will be its stores. Various themed and general stores are spread liberally throughout the park, selling Disney merchandise and general memorabilia. They carry everything from pencils to books, from Indiana Jones fedora hats to Cinderella costumes. The sky is basically the limit on what you can buy at ...

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