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Nationwide Building Society : Business Assessment.

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INVESTIGATING HOW BUSINESS WORK-UNIT1 ASSIGNMENT 1-CASE STUDY Nationwide building society is the large business on which i am going to complete this assignment on.The branch on which I am going to study is located on the High street in High Wycombe.In order to enable me to complete my assignment I have used books, internet, leaflets, the use of phone calls to the bank and I made an appointment for me to speak to a member of staff in the bank. My assignment will clearly reflect upon the usage of the information I have used.I will look at the aims of the business and thereafter look more deeply into the business but due to limited information the company can share there is a limit of information for my assignment. BRIEF BACKGROUND OF BUSINESS AND AIMS The industrial revolution in the 1770's caused the need for building societies to save for land and materials with which people could build their own houses with.Each member would contribute regularly until all the members' houses were built up after which a society was wound up. ...read more.


The societies basic aims are to attract as many customers as possible and remain a good reputation like they have at the moment. Nationwide are always looking into new ideas and competing with other building society to provide the best service for their customers and competitive interest rates. If they can reach these aims they will remain top of the league. HOW EMPLOYEES INTERACT WITH EACH OTHER WITHIN NATIONWIDE Employees within Nationwide use E-mail mainly to communicte with each other from different branches.The use of telephones anATION IS PASSED ONTO CUSTOMERS IN THE FORMS OF AN ANNUAL REPOT UPON WHICH CUSTOMERS DECIDE WHO TO ELECT TO BE PART OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS. By following these procedures and by employees of Nationwide interacting with each other the business runs as smoothly as possible from a day to day basis, except for on odd occasions on which minor mistakes are made but normally corrected. ...read more.


Safety procedures are carried out at work and regular fire alerts are carried out. Nationwide makes sure its employers are working in a safe and friendly environment. COMPARISON OF ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE OF NATIONWIDE WITH CONTRASTING STRUCTURE AND COMMUNICATION FLOWS CONCLUSION: Nationwide overall is a strong large capitalised business and is nowhere near an unachieving business.Its assets a good and with a wide range of services offered to customers i cannot go wrong. If the business carries on achieving its goal and competing with its competitors it can carry on bieng an excellent business. If the business was to loose out on some part of the business it would have enough to keep it going due to the amount of services offered which customers have taken up. Looking into the future i cannot see this business falling downhilll it has expanded to much to weaken. SOURCES OF INFORMATION 1.The internet. 2.Phonecalls made to nationwide. 3.Speaking to a member of staff. 4.Business for GNVQ book. 5.Leaflets from Nationwide. 6.Asking a couple of customers on what they think of the business. ...read more.

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