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Plan for business location and development.

Extracts from this document...


METHOD/PLAN OF ACTION Week 1. I am going to design a questionnaire in order to find out what facilities people want in a local shopping area. Once I find out what their wishes are I will to set up my own business, which I hope will meet their requirements, and therefore be a success. I will be using two main methods to work out what we need in Ballyhackamore. 1. Field Research, which involves the collection of Primary data i.e. information, which no one else has collected before, usually through observation or survey or experiment. 2. Desk research. Which involves the use of secondary data - i.e. information already available, both within and outside of the business. E.g. industry journals, newspapers and the Internet. So this week I will design my questionnaire. I am using a questionnaire because I can ask exactly what I need to know. Information can be written down very easily, thus getting more questionnaires filled in a given time period, so I have a better idea of what the public think is missing. Week 2. This week I am going to carry out the survey to discover what type of business the public want to see in the area. I have decided against the use of postal surveys, as there tends to be a very poor response to them: however they can be relatively economic - just the price of a stamp, or two if supplying a stamped return envelope. I also decided not to undertake a telephone survey, as not only is it expensive, but I would like to meet my potential customers in my chosen location face to face. I will use a random sample of shoppers and hopefully some employees of other businesses in the area as I hope this will throw up a mix of age, occupation and sexes. Another form of sampling is known as "systematic sampling" where for example, every tenth, hundredth of thousandth person in say an electoral role or telephone directory is selected. ...read more.


However, I realise that to staff the shop in the morning, over lunch and supervise any younger girls who may be interested in after schoolwork, I will have to recruit more mature staff. Therefore I will advertise in the local paper and make arrangements with the local job centres to find suitably qualified staff. I will also approach the local colleges - e.g. Castlereagh College of Further Education. where the students may have completed the foundation, intermediate or advanced Certificate in Food Hygiene. This would be so important considering the health, safety and hygiene regulations currently in force. I would encourage all my staff to continue studying. I will send them through various courses to give them high levels of hygiene and cooking courses so, in time, we could develop and start making our own food. Waiting Staff. Job Description. Waiting Staff in McNally's Coffee Emporium King's Square Belfast BT5 Duties. Waiting on tables serving specialty coffees, teas and light snacks. Cleaning duties. Special Features. Interest and knowledge in the various unusual coffees and teas served. Detailed knowledge of all dishes on menu as regards origin and ingredients. This is very important with so many odd allergies. Special Equipment. To be able to use steam coffee and tea machines. Person Specification. Pleasant attitude to both customers and staff. Helpful manner at all times. Enthusiasm at being involved in a new business. Willing to wear staff uniform with pride. Qualifications. At least Foundation Certificate in Food Hygiene Hospitality and Catering NVQ Level 1. Refer to Castlereagh College Prospectus page 26 & 28. Work Experience. Preferable but for the exceptional person, on the job training will be given. Physical/Mental Abilities. General interest in people and places involved in coffee/tea industries. Willingness to learn facts and figures in order to "sell" themed coffee events. Pleasant, neat appearance - hair to be tied back. Method of Staff Advertisements - External. ...read more.


will accept his/her money back over a greater period of time and with a much smaller amount of interest being paid. This means if the business is doing exceptionally well one month he/she can be paid more or be paid less if the business does not so well in a month. This will reduce the pressure of having to meet full repayments every month until the business is well established. EMPLOYMENT/RECRUITMENT 2Catering Staff and 3Waiting Staff Found in Newspapers, Magazines, Job centre & Employment Agencies HOW I REACHED MY CONCLUSION I realise that staffing is my USP - Unique Selling Point. I will make ensure that my staff are well qualified and I will encourage them to continue their development at the local college i.e. Castlereagh. Thus giving me the best possible staffing service that is always improving to make the customers time in the coffee bar as good and restful as it can possibly be thereby the business, while this would be the most effective from of advertising. I will use Newspapers, Magazines, Job Centres and Employment Agencies because these are reasonably inexpensive means of advertising and have a huge catchment area. The Local Newspapers and Magazines will be seen all over the locality, while the Agencies will find me the best possible people they have. The job centre will be used to find people who are not attached to any agencies. WHY THIS IS THE CORRECT CONCLUSION I reached this decision because one of my main aims in a Trendy Coffee Bar is to provide a memorable service, so I will have 2 waiting staff always on hand to serve the customers while the 2 catering staff will be preparing the food and coffee. This means that the customer should have a waiter/waitress with them a.s.a.p. and not be waiting a long time to place an order. I am using my methods of recruitment because all my methods are reasonably inexpensive, which is good for my business while it is starting off. It will also bring me people from a lot of different areas and backgrounds. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level ICT in Business section.

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