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Plannng a Marketing campaign for a Learning Spanish language DVD

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1. MARKETING MIX Traditional marketing mix consisted of 4P's: Product, Price, Place, Promotion. Nowadays it's extended to 7P's, the additional 3P's are useful for services industry which will help the company to provide good services to their consumers. 1.1. Product In marketing, a product is anything that can be offered to a market that might satisfy a want or need. When an organisation introduces a product into a market they must take into consideration the following: who the product is aimed at, what benefit they expect, how they will position the product within the market and what differential advantage the product will offer over their competitors. A product should be viewed in five levels: Core product is the fundamental benefit that the customer is buying. Basic product is what supplies the core Expected product: is the attributes a buyer normally expects that product to have. Augmented products are those that exceed customer expectations. The ultimate product is that which satisfies customer�s dreams. Depending on the level at which the product is, there are several elements that are blended to make up the product such as quality, brand, styling, packaging, features, after sales services, guarantees,etc.. In addition, products go through a life cycle which is composed of 5 stages: * Development: No sales * Introduction: Low sales * Growth: rapidly rising sales * Maturity: High sales * Decline: Declining sales There are several stages in the new product development process...not always followed in order: 1. Idea Generation: Ideas for new products can be obtained from customers, the company's R&D department, competitors, etc. 2. Idea Screening: The object is to eliminate unsound concepts prior to devoting resources to them. 3. Concept Development and Testing: Develop the marketing and engineering details and test the concept by asking a sample of prospective customers what they think of the idea. 4. Business Analysis: Estimate likely selling price based upon competition and customer feedback, 5. ...read more.


Relative pronouns 7. Preposition 8. Articles 9. Verbs (irregular regulars) 10. Compound sentences GRAMMAR 11. Shops 12. Cinema 13. Sports 14. Entertainment activities 15. Conversations LIFE SKILLS In this DVD the lessons are adapted for children and uses different types of activities to make the children learning more enjoyable: * Songs (karaoke) * Cartoons * Pronunciation games * Grammar exercises * Easy exams by test (listening, speaking, grammar) 2. Price Price is the only marketing mix variable that can be altered quickly. Price variables such as dealer price, retail price, discounts, etc. influence the development of marketing strategy, as price is a major factor that influences the assessment of value obtained by customers. Taking into consideration that both the adults DVDSs and Children DVDs have the same cost and will be purchased by adults, the two products will have the same launch price. The price strategy undertaken should consider the following aspects: * Consumer demand : .As the time passes ,there is a growth tendency of the English people to speak Spanish for several reason such as move to Spain, interest in Spanish culture etc * Costs: the company calculates all the cost related tothe product such as writing, film , edition, making DVDs, packaging distribution and promotion and then the profit margin is. * Competitors: the company sets the price on the basis of what competitors are charging. After analyzing these aspects, we have decided to use a strategy of pricing penetration .The lunch price of the product will be 12 pounds and once the product is established and the consumer aware of it ,we will raise the price to 15 pounds. 3. Place The company uses several distribution channels for both products. Through indirect distribution the product will be delivered from the manufacturing to the retailer and then to the customers. There are several retailers where the DVDs will be sold such as Supermarkets, book shops and stationers Through the internet, in the company�s website, the customers can buy the product directly to the company and then deliver in approximately two days. ...read more.


* Developments in ICT enabling communication and transactions between widely separated parties * Ease of trading within the EU International marketing is further away from the domestic market where expertise exists. Each market will need its own marketing plan as not all countries (markets) are the same. In international markets, we have to take into consideration consumer cultural background, buying habits, levels of personal disposable income, etc. in order to deliver a tailored marketing mix program to suit their needs. 4.1 Promotion Regarding international product decisions, an organisation can either adapt or standardise their promotional strategy and message. Advertising messages in countries may well have to be adapted because of language barriers or the current message used in the national market may be offensive to overseas residents. The use of certain colours may also need to be taken into account. In India red is the colour worn by the bride in weddings, white is the colour for mourning in Japan. The level of media development has to also be taken considered. 4.2 Price Pricing on an international scale is difficult. As well as bearing in mind traditional price, the organisation needs to consider the costs of transport, any tariffs or import duties that may be levied on their product when they are sold on the international scale. Also, what currency you expect to be paid in. Exchange rate fluctuation will also have an impact on profitability and influence pricing decisions. Other factors to consider include local incomes and PDI levels 4.3 Place > The internet - often the sole channel of distribution > Direct exporting - the organization makes a commitment to market overseas on its own behalf.. > Indirect exporting - Organisation employs a home country agency (an exporting company) > Export Management Company (EMC) - handles all aspects of exporting. The EMC already has an established network of sales offices, and extensive international marketing and distribution knowledge. > Franchising - involves the organization (franchiser) providing branding, concepts, expertise etc > Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) - owning an overseas manufacturing 4. ...read more.

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