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Quality Management Principles.

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Quality Management Principles Introduction For companies within the 20th century a quality product is very important for success & growth in the modern world. This is especially important within the world of computing & software development. The market place has had companies that have promised quality products but unfortunately have not produced the goods on time and thus launched with a number of inconveniences & software bugs. As a result of this the combined techniques of project management and quality assurance need to be developed and applied over the lifecycle of the software product. (Hellingworth, Hall & Anderson 2001). Requirement Analysis & Possible Outcomes The Bernese College needs to update its Management Information System (MIS) to include an 'Electronic online prospectus'. Feasibility Study The purpose of a feasibility study is to determine if this business opportunity of updating the Bernese college's MIS is at all possible, practical & viable. Description of Problem & Background: * To update the Bernese college's management information system to include an 'electronic prospectus' that is intended to provide a means of viewing course information for staff, students, parents & managers. The college runs Edexcel courses containing a number of modules at two levels (National Diploma Level 1 & Level 2), with students normally taking Level 1 modules in the first year of their course and progressing to level 2 modules in the second year. ...read more.


As far as I can see all other objects from the table are relevant objects and are needed as part of the online prospectus. Diagram 1 Prospectus + College name + College address + Courses + History + Direction Get College name Get College address Get Courses Get History Get Direction Teacher + Teacher name + Course he teaches + Level +Contact No - Address Get teacher name Get course he teaches Get contact No. Get level Get address Modules + Module name + Module No + Module description Get module name Get Module No Get Module description Course + Course name + Course No + Modules Get Course name Get Course No Get Modules Above: Class diagram before presenting to the rest of the groups. Class text including the classes responsibilities and collaborations Class Name: Prospectus Responsibility: it provides information about courses and also information about the college. Collaborations: Courses provide course information and associated material to do with the courses. Relationships: Prospectus to Courses will be a "1 to Many" relationship, this means we have many courses included in a prospectus, as seen below. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Class Name: Courses Responsibility: it provides information about different courses at the college & also information about different modules included in the courses. ...read more.


It may be important to have a system in place for documenting requests for any changes to the system and responses that would come from a "change request form" to the maintenance teams. These may include: * Enhancements; including description of new requirements in detail, regular updates to college & course details. Maintenance teams should be striving for a user interface. * Problem & Error Reports; including a full description of problems with website from email discrepancies to broken links of the website. A record of these would be carefully documented and reviewed regularly at maintenance team meetings. * User Feedback; includes a system for the maintenance team to give feedback to user on any problems or errors with links & for any enhancements made. Timescale should be included of when the errors will be fixed. Structured Maintenance Plan For the maintenance plan to be effective I will be using the following structured plan. Having a good & complete software engineering documentation for the project helps a great deal with this plan. Any amendments or changes to the system will be documented professionally and kept safe in order to have a successful future system. An external contracting maintenance team will be in charge of updating the system & making sure it runs smoothly. Many companies can be found that specialised in just maintenance of other company's software, databases & even their websites. ...read more.

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