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Report by Kamran Latif

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Title: Application for registry assistant post at Halesowen College Terms of reference: This report is being written to the Human Resources Manager to support my application for the above stated job. Procedure: This report was compiled by analysing the job description for the above post. I have also analysed the skills which I have acquired in my current temporary post as well as from past jobs and college. Findings: These are the skills that are stated that I feel should be filled and how I am a suitable candidate for the job. I have itemised them under headings shown. Employability Skills Inputting data onto the computer systems - I have done this in my job in an opticians I entered the daily and weekly figures for the sales of glasses and contact lenses. Have good time management skills - This was proven when I had to use my time to liaise with customers and also when I had to do a required task by a set date, I also arrived to work on time and met any targets that were set. ...read more.


Setting up exam data on a computer system - I had done this while working in HR when I had to key in the dates and times that students had exams. Having fast and accurate keyboard skills - I have done this when working in HR when I had to send out emergency letters to the parents of students regarding the behaviour of students, I also did this when working in the opticians when I had to inform patients that their contacts lenses or glasses had arrived. Be able to show a good standard of literacy and numeracy - I have achieved this when I was in college as I have received G.C.S.E's in Maths and English. Maths - Grade B English - Grade D Processing enrolment fees, including cash handling and using an electronic cash register - I had done this on a regular basis when working in the opticians as I was making sales on contact lenses and spectacles on a regular basis. I also did this while working in HR when I had to handle money for coach passes for students. ...read more.


Cash handling and the use of an electronic cash register - I had done this in the opticians on a daily basis when making sales on glasses and contact lenses. Not to discriminate - This was proved during my time working in the opticians because I was dealing with different individuals on a daily basis, I also did this while working in HR this is proven because I was communicating with a large number of people of all races and ages. Be discrete and respect confidentiality - I had done this when working in the opticians when I was handling their personal details I had done this on a daily basis, I also did this while working in HR when I was handling student data. Have good time management skills - I did this while in school when I had to hand in assignments on time, I also did this while working in the opticians when I had to meet set deadlines for meeting targets and doing particular jobs such as sending 300 reminders for appointments by every Thursday. ?? ?? ?? ?? Kamran Latif ...read more.

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