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technological change

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´╗┐Discuss how technological change might affect businesses in your country. (20 mks) With decades of technological innovations we can now see that the use of technology is much more pervasive (omnipresent) across all parts of a business and the dependency on technology to perform has increased. It has help thousands of business as well as customers. Peoples want very fast technological product which make their life simple and easy in such a fast happening world. The advent of e-business has shown that technology should now be a constant consideration at the boardroom table. This is highlighted through the fact that 60 percent of technology investment (source GMV) is now influenced, controlled and determined not by the central IT function but by business executives, and it is true to say the fortunes of modern companies now rise and fall on their wise, or flawed, technology choices. With technology?s penetration into every business function executives have seen first-hand how it gives them access to well-organised, quality information they can use to make better decisions, and how it now fundamentally supports the day-to-day running of their business. ...read more.


It gives flexible options to business users. Virtually all modern technology, from cell phones to e-readers, saves time and energy. Instead of having to stay in the office, as workers did little more than a decade ago, businesspeople can take calls on the go. Electronic readers help business travelers access newspapers, mobile messages and the Internet quite easily. This makes traveling less cumbersome, because paper materials can stay in the office. Emailing business associates from an electronic device means there is no need to return to the office after work if you're traveling around town or already headed home. However, we need technology, and yet every new technology places new demands upon us and creates new forms of stress. Despite its proven capability as a competitive driver and strategic enabler, companies today are becoming increasingly reluctant to deploy new technology. The hype that has permeated the IT industry for so many years has left many with a jaundiced view of whether technology ever delivers its promise. ...read more.


Every business owner knows voice mail and email can work against a company?s bottom line. An employee who wants to slack off for an hour or two in a private office might let voice mail take calls and ignore important emails. During this downtime, business calls that might have resulted in sales or important relationships are diffused or gone for good. Every workplace can benefit from technology. A small plumbing business with three employees to a large multinational business, they all use the benefits of technology. Different types of software are used to track clients and document all aspects of work. Accounting and marketing software programs are available to help both small and large businesses. Although software is designed to save time and energy, it's important to remember that technology can erase the human touch if it?s carried too far. The current economic downturn also means many organisations feel they simply can?t fund innovation because they do not come for free and cheap. But few feel comfortable in this state of inertia, knowing that investment in new technology is a major component to creating competitive advantage. ________________ C. Jeewooth: 17/05/12[Type text] Page ...read more.

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